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They say qvc qvc is merging with hsa the two shopping networks i guess there's another not enough room for two with a they're going to merger become one giant shopping network qvc or argue hs and then what do you say take shali i'd say qvc qvc you know why because i like david david ever see that guy kind of a big goofy guy with the shoe polish air selig something tasty swedish meatballs that stuff that guy is so after tapie they should get missile show unreal tv added six thirty i've got the big hsa qvc merger coming up right after this bill hadman from the revolution soft wash new center tuna good morning to the president putin they're going to sit down face to face protests to slugging it out with the german police meantime this is the deputy purity's 630 sponsored by freeway carwashes where rhode island shines presents preparing for that i face to face with vladimir putin suspected to take place mid morning our time here in southern new england cnn nick hamburg newcomper nic robertson sets the scene in hamburg germany president trump a yes sedan speech he gave in warsaw was very clear russia needs the stopping destabilizing in ukraine and other countries he said on stop its support for people like president assad and iran join and other nations joined the sort of the rest of the world if you will the other members of the g twenty and his position correspondent echo robertson reporting in hamburg through the police using water cannons to clear out protestors trying to block the streets near the g twenty meetings coverage continues with correspondent a teacup schubert approach oh they also spun into cheek his schubert's reporting wpro news time is six thirty two are big story here at home the ongoing budget standoff at the state house and senate president ominously juryo join gene velde associated thirty this morning speaker nick mattiello you made of here's appearances here on wpro thursday is pointing the finger blame squarely at.

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