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Live from the zoo is part of project editors zookeeper an here with all the latest from hollywood it's how we know elizabeth us a c i'm not used to you being back now maternity leave it got in your brain holly in the battle ian john i just would i'm so grateful for them for filling in for all those months how they're uphill you know what i'm an answer that question by telling you that my hands smell like fetchy yes yeah but you don't smell like what you want me to tell you how is that what you're even know mice and baby chat as satyrs right that is loud which holly and i had two different hair care yupao haired you dismembered man guys get listen live and your it's a dirty saying yeah geider killer yeah you know i i totally get it i'm really proud of the i think you're doing great work and you know i love apple valley i'm happy that you're there i have lots of dirt to get two though you want to hear more about harvey weinstein because guess what folks they just keeps coming and coming and guess sure does there's a french actress her name is florence daryl well and she says that harvey weinstein propositioned her while his wife was next door shed that he relentlessly pursued her in the midnineties and then propositioned her in a hotel room while his wife at the time eve chilton was in the room next door i this french actress says she was in shock she says i was astonished she she it goes on to say when you have someone so physically disgusting in front of you continuing and continuing as though this was all perfectly normal what happened to me may not be illegal but it was inappropriate very inappropriate she was twenty six years old and her earlier was on the rise i mean you.

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