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Extraordinary. His Gutfeld show is primarily a cable show. The other programs are on primarily on over the air television stations. Now I get that people get TV in 95,000 different ways anymore, and it's not like some people evident. 10 and other people have cable. There's streaming services, and some people can get some channels and some people can get other channels but the reach of the other shows. Is greater than the reach of gut fell show. In other words, more people have access. Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Gutfeld because the TV that they have but offered the NBC affiliate more likely than they would offer. Fox News and so on. So Gutfeld is number one, even though his show is available in a lower percentage of homes than the other programs. And again. I don't know if great going to sustain that, after show will still be good in a year of, you know in you still have those kind of ratings and so on. But this is an extraordinary thing. Little late night show on cable. Is outdrawing the ratings of all the late night TV talk shows and My explanation again without being redundant is similar other than a little bit of style. What is the difference between Fallon and Colbert. Kimmel. I mean, they're all just what's the difference? Nothing but Gutfeld show is clearly different. He's a right winger and kind of sarcastic, But that's the thing you first thing you say is is a conservative. What about again? I've made this comment with regard to the local television stations and the news departments. We have four local TV stations that you're the news, 46 12 and 58. They're all left of center. I was running one of them. I put out a newscast that was right of center, and I know I'd be number one. It happens every and again. It's got to be good. You can have some dopey anchor in some terrible news people in it'll screw up the weather forecast and have a bad set. Or the anchors can't be too ugly and so on. Assuming that you do it with competence you would win. But none of them have tried. In fact, it's hard to figure out which of the stations is more left of center than the other. They all again try to trip one another to get over there to the politically correct left. If somebody actually put out of right of center television news guest I guarantee you there to be number one. Garantia. As you probably know. Rebecca Kleefisch is announcing today that she's running for governor and she will be joining us on this program. But what I hope is an interesting interview. Right after the break. 3 43 news talk 11 30 ws. It's time for rapid traffic..

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