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Are very serious again. I'm not going to run and rush to judgment and push push allegations out until we've at the first U. S. Agriculture secretary and former governor Sonny Perdue also called for an investigation. But admitted that he quote didn't know if these reports are true or accurate. Democrat Joe Biden closed a 300,000 vote gap in Georgia and past Trump on Friday after county spent days counting signature verified absentee ballots that had arrived prior to a state established deadline. For NPR News. I'm a meal. Moffett in Atlanta, U S. Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania to separate all ballots that arrived by mail after election Day from current totals State Republicans following an emergency appeal today. The limit counts is Joe Biden's lead increases Their other prime from member station. W. L V. R has more The order, signed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, effectively affirms of practice that was already in place. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar told counties last week two separate late arriving ballots even though they're allowed to be counted under state law. Alito's order denied another request from the state GOP. You stop counting the late arriving ballots altogether. Book far has previously said she doesn't expect the late arriving ballots to change the elections. Final result. An attorney for Pennsylvania State Democrats says Alito's order has served on Lee throw fuel on the fire of mistrust. That the Trump campaign continues to generate without providing evidence for NPR news until a Pratt incumbent David Perdue, and George will be facing a runoff against Democratic challenger John all soft in January. That's based on Georgia State law, which requires that a winning candidate must receive more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff between the top two candidates. Stocks closed mixed today. The Dow down 66 points. The NASDAQ was up four points. You're listening to NPR. Live from the news. I'm terrorist. Seiler, A Sonoma County sheriff's deputy, fired last year for wrongful use of force is facing felony manslaughter and assault charges. Duties. Alex Emily reports former deputy Charles Blount was charged in a grand jury indictment. The investigation surrounding the death of David Ward, a disabled man played out in secret for nearly a year. Criminal charges became public in a grand jury indictment unsealed Friday morning. Blount was captured on body camera video last November, slamming Ward's head into a car door frame after a high speed pursuit. Civil attorney Isaac Schwager represents Ward's mother in a wrongful death lawsuit. Mrs Ghastly what happened to David, who was not entirely innocent in the episode, but he certainly didn't deserve to die. The coroner found. Ward died as a result of blunt force trauma and other injuries suffered during a violent struggle with deputies. Warren also had methamphetamine in the system. Blount is due to appear in court on Thursday. I'm Alex Emslie. The news in the race to be the new supervisor for San Francisco's Richmond district. Connie Chan has taken the lead again. Chan is a progressive Democrat. And she's now in the lead with 107 more votes after rank choice voting than her main competition, the politically moderate margin fill our That's, according to the city's latest ballot count, released a couple of hours ago, which includes Tricked one provisional ballots. Chan started off in first place Tuesday but was over taken by fill our in a matter of hours. Fill our how the lead until this afternoon. But with thousands of ballots still uncounted, the race remains too close to call. The city says it will release its next count tomorrow afternoon. For full berry election results, visit dot org's slash elections. Have a great evening..

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