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To sink one game winning fade away or something three. Yeah. Over my man. Does it hurt more going up for a dunk or coming down from dunk? Definitely coming down like you. It's not bad. Like, I couldn't get and you and you're up there. They're like gravity time. But this is your friend. But when it's had enough and kind of disrupts you airs, it's now time for the sake ABS overs that's have or do not have to take over. And some days are better than others of. You know in recent years. That's why when you talk try to hold on just to. Make sure to landing little. But the way the game is now the pace the place. You can't do that. You know, the the longer you hang up there. The team is probably at half court on my land, though, is now is like, hey, make sure you get the to get on back. He's Vince Carter the hawks guard forward. Now, I was gonna wait to mention your age you brought up your age. So you're forty one you'll be forty two in January, right? Wow. Forty two. If man does trae. Okay. What what is trae young call? You. Oh, so he doesn't go like most of the time every now, and then he comes with OG, you know. All right. But he could be your know. You know, he could be your son crazy. Wild. Do these guys. No one within now. But do you show them before YouTube video and just say just a reminder here you little punks? They see. And like, you know, sometimes, okay? I I remember when you did this success. That's it catches off guard. But at this lets, you know, like, you know, there is hope for these kids because they're basketball fans, not only are the owner just for social media. They're you know, they look at it watch. They watch the history of basketball, you know, I've been around. So I've played against hitch a lot of history of basketball, and you know, and I've done some things for the history of basketball. So these guys actually watched that because they loved the game like that. So I it's pretty cool. When one of these young guys will say something about what they remember from back in the day went either they weren't alive or just being born. And or just like young kids. I mean, some of these kids like some of the guys that some of the things that I did they were really two three four years old and probably wasn't paying attention or remember the game. But they still watch those video clips thank God. In April to put those V8.'s VHS games on an HD where still looks decent. Would you? You know, what the growth of the the three point shot? I mean, you know basketball is changed here since Steph curry came into the league. But if you if you were coming in now, what kind of player would you would you be the same player still? I still think I'd be the same player. I, of course, more than likely utilize the three a little more. But I mean, if I was young Vince coming into this lead. Now, I still would I mean attack the rim and. Do what I do. I mean you, and I believe in you when you have a player. I mean, I know the bid rains game is obsolete in something that you don't. Teams don't really use or want us. And I I wasn't like I didn't use a mid range game bet much. But I mean, it was just something like I wanna get in the paint. I wanted to just. Attack the rim and the three point shot or something I did use. It just wasn't used as much back in say this in the late nineties in in in the nineties at all really, you know, it wasn't used talked about as much, of course, three point shot you run you ran plays for it. Because you have the great resin Miller rip Hamilton. Well, he's more mid range and those guys like that who were staggered away threes. I mean, that's that's what they did. But it wasn't like now you have your running plays where you'll you'll post up a guard just to get the center a three point shot on the weak side. Now, I mean, it's just different game. Crazy. I did you walk with tiger..

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