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But it was an odd decision. I think you have to look at it as an odd decision, and I can't help, but wonder if and I think how Martino may have mentioned this after the game, but you can't help, but wonder if it was Josie Marino's small way if maybe trying to send some kind of a message to the board, look what you've given me, look what I am being forced to do against Tottenham. I've got to play this guy in a centreback position by the way he didn't have to. That's the thing. And that's why I think a lot of which marinas doings falling on deaf ears because was that necessary was really essential that they went to a back three for this game. And I don't know what Eric by situation was, but that and Harare is who you had to turn to to be the the center half on the right side. I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it. It was super weird. And then you know, when you look at Spurs with what I was saying, Sanchez on the bench. That's the thing Tottenham appears to have cover at a lot more positions than I think what we've given them credit for. I still say they needed to make another signing, but you have to start to wonder if that's really an issue that you need to lose sleep over. I, it's a worry because the competitions are going to ramp up and it's time I think that Spurs content like seriously contend for a title or a trophy of some kind or at least push on in the Champions League, but they've got cover all over the field. Son is out so Lucas in than Bella can't play every game. One Yama presumably will be back at some point. Harry winks is coming back. Ben Davies didn't play in this game surge. Aurea was one of their big additions last season. He was a sub lamelo was brilliant against Fulham was not a part of the action against. With an injury. They're not for people who want to complain about the debt, the depth issue for them. I get it, but I don't know that I look at that as a weakness necessarily whether or not it can hold up and contend with Liverpool and Manchester City for title that may be as the question, but there is depth. I don't think you can say the Tottenham have depth problem. There is death. They have cover at important positions. You know, the thing I think that you now I maintained with the United or with Spurs and not making a single signing. There's a couple different ways that can really looked at that. And I thought a lot about this. There's the mental side of this, and I sometimes worry in what not making signing can do to a club who believes they're close. Can that be morale crusher? Here's the thing though, with the Spurs side, I really truly think this is not just the fan in me. I really truly believe that this is a mentally strong team. This team has been through a lot. They've lost a lot of difficult games and they've done it all largely together. There's a core of this. Team that has been playing together for a long time. Now, I just have to believe that they've learned from things like what happened against Venice in the Champions League last season. What's happened against Chelsea in the FA Cup, late season runs that have come that have come undone against West Ham in a title, run against Chelsea in a tunnel run the year that Lester wanted this team and this group of players have been through all of those things together. So I do believe that there is a fire within this group to go on and do this together and maybe taking some pride in the fact that we can do this without bringing in assigning that all remains to be seen. But I do think that there is another side to the simply then just kind of the lazy take all they didn't make any signing, so they must be bad. They're still a very good side and you saw that in this game against the United, and let's talk about United. Now, this game for me leads to an amazing mental conflict with regards to Josie, Marino, Juno.

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