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Five two three six one a one a that's eight five five two three six one two one two and we will share some of your stories tomorrow on one a back now to our conversation with tom peters the author of the excellence dividend dan tweeted southwest airlines has a waiting list for employment a longtime friend who works there says they don't have a union because they are treated well tom peters tell us about southwest okay the last thing right before we the break was a woman who talked about delta if you remember yes first of all i would respond to her in part delta was in in search of excellence delta was one of our great examples in one of the things that happened was during a downturn delta employees bought the company and airplane it was incredible i'm delighted to hear what she said there was our delta then there was a period that wasn't very happy and now you're oldie delta is reemerging so that's point number one point number two i'm gonna i will get to his answer exactly but i wanna start at the beginning first of all i did a whole pbs show on herb kelleher awhile back all right i'm flying from albany to beat w i baltimore washington international i'm in the albany airport the pilots who are going to board the plane are a little bit late because the flight their flight has come in a little bit late at the gate we see the standard deal six people five people in a wheelchair right the pilot is the pilot is stressed the head pilot moves toward the jet way turns to the woman in the first wheelchair and says would you mind if i took you down the jetway joshua i have flown approximately nine thousand flight legs i am now one for nine thousand i have never before i almost teared up i mean that's excellence to me second part of that is how does that happen the former president of delta asari i've southwest wound by coleen barrett who incidentally i think started as a.

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