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Some reality is a lottery aladi how is this thing called cryptocurrency just go one on one with me what is cryptocurrency let's start their younger go currency from a higher level i'll i'll i'd striving his digital currency you know we have a lot of these you've seen mb three players ucf nba jazz transition to digital methods of transactions and i think that's really what cryptocurrency as it's real to put it simply joy the ability to transact money digitally without the need for a third party so you don't need to go through a bank you know go need to use a bank application and you don't actually you need to have a bank account um you actually it can have a what's called a cryptocurrency account and it's a that often times referred to as an address as well so you have what is called a public address i have a public address you would have a public address and i could simply send various cryptocurrencies between those addresses any it happens using cartography the arms make sure it's only secure ryan it happens almost instantaneous and you and i can do business together and we don't need a middleman to say take vis out of the middle or delay the process or those types of things so that's really what cryptocurrency is okay so maybe i'm just coming at this from a different perspective in i'm gonna i'm gonna ask us without any kind of i mean again the scepticism to a certain degree but i i know it's legit i mean there are companies that are out there that are that are doing this and it is legal but the question is how is illegal wise illegal and why for example can we not do this for anything but i wanna make secure like salmon or swing bicycles or iphone half i mean how is it that what is special about cryptocurrency yacht right now we're still in duberry early stages so i think that is one of the things that's ghana holding holding back some of the bigger players that the bigger merchants from being able to accept cryptocurrency the also that the technology is new and it is a challenging technology.

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