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She's and the issue is that the what we call the non endemic sponsors which are brands that on any sports just say you know westinghouse appliances kitchen appliances then not maturing into the market as fast as people one or as fast as people have thought they are either. There's not really any broadcast deals in sports to fade that money down and there's not many franchise shaw leagues in a sports either that a funneling that money down from the top asia that a selling the rights and selling the sponsorship and following that money down to the teams too so at the moment the people that are making most of the money the publishes the people who produced the games themselves and they redistributing some of that wealth through their own tournaments they funding people to run tournaments for them or the running their in house tournaments but still that's only funding a small portion of people or you know uplifting a small portion of people to run things for the publisher ultimately the money's going to the the polish so the the bulk of the let's call it like the structure of the industry seems that this publishers of games di- mike money from making taking the games yeah there's a few teams that exist <hes> and it sounds like most of the teams equipment decentral to there's no structured competitions they wipe e competitions run by tweet show someone out there that they have a price pool and really just a way to advertise their product and and maybe let's say with streamers who are professionals in their own right and teams as well as i would like a side hustle for people being patrons until something about getting some sort of inside access. Whatever so do you think that fittest showed that to the next level it has to become more more structured like there needs to be proper lakes in some way at a national level or how do you see that unfolding. Look the major advantage vantage and disadvantages as sports. Is this going on see. You've got third parties lack e._s._l. Or even like the global loot legal face it on manetzky amity m._i._t. Events etc that are running games or tournaments quite consistently around that pot so the intellect stream masters series and i think there's i think there's about six of those around the world one of those in sydney at qudos bank arena which say's fifteen thousand to twenty thousand ticket holders coming over the weekend to watch international teams play same <unk> same arena that justin bieber performed example so you seeing those kind of ones which a fantastic <hes> a lotta the time however they not necessarily funded all <hes> helped by the publisher whatsoever so ultimately that tournament is around a game co counter strike global offensive. That's developed by valve which is pushing interest to the game which is pushing people to download right and play the games freight apply however the in game purchases and such and getting people into this ecosystem but they're not necessarily being renumerated full. Bringing people in valves do supports a major major monetary with cash and things like that which is fantastic towards the prospal to make the beginning success but i would say that..

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