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I twenty in Abilene. While she was assisting. Dos was struck and killed by passing vehicle and died at the scene. She served more than fifteen years after beginning our duty November of two thousand three so once again, a border patrol agent has died in the line of duty. We also have the left is getting all up in the. Tether, if you will because of a wrapper was arrested early Sunday morning by ice, Twenty-one savage. He was just the Preakness this past may, remember? His his name real name is sharia been Abraham Joseph. He is from the UK. He was arrested in Atlanta. And he was an unlawfully present United Kingdom national because his visa had expired. And he didn't bother to take the time to reapply for the visa, and so they're cracking down on all of it. The absconders those have been ordered out and have not left those who have visas expired and have not renewed they're all getting the same treatment. So again doesn't matter who you are famous rapper or illegal alien trying to cross over the southern border. If you violate the immigration laws of United States, there will be consequences. An illegal alien who served at least free stunt Stinson US prisons for sexually abusing children. Was arrested during early morning traffic. Stop in Texas last week, Marvin Giovanni Mahia Rambos David fake name was arrested. The deputies stopped him. Ran an onsite fingerprint scan that revealed his identity is a Mexican national. He's turned over to the department of homeland security. This is a very very dangerous convicted criminal, and of course, is what the heck was he doing out at large served eight years in California for a continuous sexual assault of a child six years for perjury. Six years research soul of child two years for lewd acts with a child under the age of fourteen. Yeah. These are the people that the Democrats want to let in open borders. That is just outrageous. Will you had a little bit of illegal people that were in the got caught up in? This is staying regarding the university of Farmington fake university up there in Michigan billed itself as a nationally accredited business and. And these a lot of these foreigners that came to this country fell for it. And of course, then the ice people who set this whole thing up to begin with sting operation were able to arrest many open, and that's that's a great technique that is being used and should be used repeatedly. But I, but I think you'd make a big statement tomorrow. I don't know if you can arrest a sitting member of congress on the floor or not we'd have to look into that. I know you embarrassed you could certainly arrest. The eagles though, they're sitting next to certainly do that and take them out. Coming up next fell's point restaurant owners saying business booming after she got death threats over an anti-trump poster. And some are now asking the whole thing a setup we'll explain seven twenty eight years,.

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