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They'll be right after that nine am eastern match when those matches occur Susannah Collins Ceylan, car bomb. You Love Them. They're hosting this one big guest coming this week. Tune in Tuesday Wednesday Thursday at coaches layers all the people you want to hear from as tournament gets ready to start, we are planning to have Frank de Boer in Syria nri on Thursdays show so that'll be A. Muslim for you and Ninety of Orlando City on the call up this week comes out on. Tuesday everywhere wasn't a podcast and on Youtube. So let's get into it Perlas villa. The ops out of molasses back. This is first reported by Kevin Baxter at the L. A.. TIMES ESPN. Rl further confirmed via their sources. Now it's out, Carlos Vela statement reads like this quote I would like nothing more than to be with my teammates in Orlando I always wanted to give everything I have to. My Club are fans and supporters in the city of La? It is in the best interest of the health of my family to stay home and be with my wife. During what is a risky pregnancy I will miss them with my teammates and coaches, but I will be cheering in Supporting L. AFC from a distance I can't wait you back on the field plan for all of you. And accomplishing Great Club. Yeah no look I get it. I. Get it. I mean. Anybody. Argue with with. That, You can't take them in across the continent for six weeks with his wife is pregnant during end up like everybody understands your. so that's part of it. We get it good luck to you Carlos in your wife. We hope everything goes as well as it possibly can Can we say if you didn't know Charleena parents? No, I'm just kidding. Patrol you. Say that. I'm going. Carlos said whatever is best for him. I'm actually excited. We asked yet. You Laugh Bradley. 'cause you know Bob's in there like Oh. Win This thing these. Idiots I am the best coach. This team is like raring to go. Ryan Rodriguez Diego Rosiere both GP's that are gonNA fill those spots like there's still a ton of talent, and now it's like is the system in the some of the parts greater than you know whatever they have to undergo doyle's. DWP so come in coming off the bench gin fit again all of a sudden. Oh, he starts begging goals. Doyle was right. All. Along here, we go. I. Mean it does it does make it more interesting because to me if? I was there available they would just they would be the favorites by mile, and it would be a referendum on all our L. AFC GONNA. Find another way to choke, but now instead it's like okay. It's a little more even now and now we get a chance to see like. Brian Rodriguez, no more excuses. You Got A. Twelve Hundred L. AFC minutes under your bell. You put the ball in the net for while you put the ball in the net. You know before you came to Emily's. It's time there's no diego rose not taking your minutes. You're not playing as a false nine. Carlos Velez not taking your minutes. You have to be out there and you have to produce. And when we talked to everyone last year after twenty, two, hundred, twenty, two like everyone we talked it was like. Ryan Rodriguez is the favorite to win. This thing next year wasn't Barco wasn't palm McCall. Was anybody else? It was Brian. Rodrigues so times put up. I like when you see when.

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