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Us know that two police what's going on where site in such a hello world and fine art and normally doing events and weddings right now doing work stop no contract delivery and my work support marginal art center in the neighborhood of Mars hill where we are still serving our residents by doing crafts drop right art and I am touched on Instagram and Facebook thank you Lisa Wendy Wendy you welcome to the hammer Nigel show rock and roll when the let's go your daughter three one seven five one four five five times we go anywhere the visa MasterCard is accepted and you'll pay the same price that's on the shelf that's interesting very cool thank you I love the same because I find out all new parts of our economy that I did not know existed this is I love this daily daily walking the hammer Nigel show let's go I work with allied equipment morning apple space company we are handling we work on four clips five we have new forklifts industrial batteries we can keep it in Indianapolis area for close early eighties thank you very very much sought numbers three one seven four eight seven fourteen hundred thank you Mike your next up on the hammer and idol show tell us about your business Mike Mike see our training and wall coverings in in business for forty years Indianapolis and surrounding areas well hanging wall coverings painting interior exterior always open for business if there's somebody that a town they want to come in and do a project not a problem number three one seven three seven four seven six eight two Mike and Jerry the arts we go by Mr Mrs E. dotted thank you so much thank you all right buddy welcome to the hammering idol show buddy what you got caliber collision castle to three one seven eight four nine nineteen eighty one we are central business we will come pick your car up one pick up and delivery will throw it in if we need to do some serious thank you buddy J. M. you are next up jam what you got the mayor we specialize in shower doors and commercials three one seven three five six zero zero zero all you guys in the thank you and they didn't get the last word here Nate and tell us about your business.

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