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Introduced a bill that would create a 51st state called Liberty, which would be east of the Cascades. Former Republican representative Matt Shade tried to do the same thing several times unsuccessful. You have a completely new constitution, and I think that that's what the beauty of this is, we're talking about what freedom actually looks like again. Would have property rights look like again. If the bill is passed in Olympia, it would only take effect after the U. S. Congress agreed to the formation of a new state. It's not considered likely New 2020 US migration report from North American moving services shows people are leaving places with cold weather and high cost of living. What's the effect on the Northwest? Here's Cuomo's Eric Heights. Washington has made the top inbound list in years past but didn't make the cut in 2020. They have a green ST psalm or people move out of the state than into the state with 51% of all moves outbound compared to 49% inbound. Oregon saw a few more people moving into the state at 51%. Compared to moving out at 49%, Idaho, was one of the fastest growing states in the nation in 2020 70% of all moves for people coming into the state, putting Idaho on top of the national list for inbound moves. Eric Giantsco news Come on, Whose time now, 6 38 4. Workers at Trident Seafoods plant in Alaska have tested positive for Corona virus. Including one who had to be flown to a hospital in Anchorage. Meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of how devastating the pandemic has been for the seafood industry. Here's co most Carleen Johnson for workers that with the company's Accutane Alaska seafood plant in the Illusion islands. It's a main processing hub for the harvesting of polic crab and cod from the Bering Sea with a workforce of about 700. And according to the Seattle Times, that workforce is expected to double in the busy season weeks ahead. The four were all roommates. They intestine negative before they arrived for Trident and other seafood companies. The pandemics been a major health challenge on the industry as a whole has suffered when restaurant started closing down, and that's that's our biggest market in the United States is the restaurant on it. Dixon is with 1/4 generation family owned commercial fishing operations in Oregon. Now, according to a federal report out last week, the pandemic has taken away about a third of the commercial fishing industries revenue. Carleen Johnson. Come on, Who is more evidence that salmon in our state are now facing the threat of extinction, researchers say in a new report. It's due to climate change the 2020 State of Salmon in watersheds report. Says 10 of 14 threatened or in danger runs are not improving and five of those runs are a crisis levels. Water testing has determined that the beaches at Seattle's Discovery Park are safe to reopen. King County ordered the closure about six days ago after a power outage caused by nearby water treatment plant overflow. It spilled about 11 million gallons of mostly storm water, but of 20% of it. Was sewage. It's 6 39 right now. Next on the comb, Oh morning News. We'll update sport Introducing TD Ameritrade's newest.

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