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So rather than drop good ad. Four more justices to this court. I mean, people are saying if this if this idea is really going to get John. Hey, President Trump do it. Now, the Republicans are pushing them. I don't know. I mean, it's it's something that I it has to go through congress. I don't think Nancy Pelosi would. Put this thing through eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred do you wanna have more justices or do you think nine just a perfect number Daryl in California, Darryl? Hi, you're on the Tom Sullivan show. Thank you for taking my call. You bet. You know, they've been after top Donald Trump for two years. Another angle nine is fine. Supreme court. Term limits so pay what you can apply that. If you're talking about age, you know, they'll play at the Donald l stop Nancy Pelosi right there. How many people in congress are over seventy? Oh, I see where you're going. So you want if we're going to have a a age limit on. On supreme court justices, and they're a co equal branch of government than why don't we have it for the executive and legislative branches, right? Oh was that gentleman? Searle arms ninety six. Yeah. Thurgood? Well, no, no. No. No, no. Yes. Strom Thurmond Strom Thurmond you're thinking about. Yes. Yeah. Thank you. Six I think he finally left. I mean. Yeah. Well, there's been another one recently that decided not to run in eighteen and the reason he decided not to run. Everybody was being very polite about it. But he had no idea where he was or who he was. It was sad. He was a Senator and he did not run in two thousand eighteen because of health problems. Well, it was because he didn't know he had he had no idea who he was. So he was making he was boating on laws. Wondering if you're a cripple, but your minds all there. That's one thing. But look what the Democrats are. They want wanna bring it up. But he did bring it up, but they dropped out. Ronald Reagan make decisions why he had L hammers. Or did he have L hammers when he was making decisions? Well, I don't know if there's obviously Alzheimer's comes grows at a stage. But the the bereaved the reporting is that he was of sound mind when he was in office, but he wrote that letter to was saying, I, you know, the good bye letter saying I've been diagnosed with this. I think that was six seven years after he was out of the White House. So was there. Some impairment. I don't know. I don't know why I take my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at forty eight. And when I look back. Eight. Yeah. When you get an early an acceleration pathway of fifty two, but I look back when they diagnosed her forty eight I look back. I wonder if she was having problems at forty six. But you don't think of that because she was so young and we all make mistakes. Forget all right. Well, you're gonna plan eight. I'm sorry. No. But that's the thing. I mean. Okay. Well, I can't find my keys where did I put my keys? That's not a sign of Alzheimer's. I know I know. But but I I look back the whole thing she did. And then you look at the crazy thing Nancy Pelosi is now how 'bout that sign it? And we'll see what say, you know. Well, no, it's it's it's actually worse than that. There have been reports of from the media that that covers the the capital that she stumbles and says things that don't make sense. And so they're they're they're they're a lot of people are watching for a sign of dementia or Alzheimer's. But so far the woman seems to be doing fine. But there you can bet the media is keeping both eyes on on all of these Steny Hoyer is a year older than her. So should there. I I like your I like your point should there. Be a we have a minimum age twenty five for congress thirty-five for president. Why not a maximum age? Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you, Daryl. I appreciate the call. Why had a guy call the program? Couple years ago two or three years ago. He used to call not often enough to where I remembered him, especially because of the fact he was like fifty two or fifty three. And he said the last time I talked to him that he'd been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I what are you joking with me or you pumpkin me? What are you said? No, I'm serious. So I guess you can that. So there there goes what kind of.

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