Swiss Re, United States, Steven Mnuchin discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Program and vaccines to be the market focus today the stock is hard by one point three percent evils that softbank deal sas in the background rows bikas said how it was the by as much as a third and sherry had swiss re commenting today at the border directors assessing the strategic and financial implications of that deal i see a little based four swiss re this morning the markets think of i'm accessing sell it with the stocks we are watching this morning caroline okay let's go into our top stories then this morning at the us treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the administration's policies in the us will raise wages without triggering poured it inflation speaking exclusively to bloomberg munition brushed aside signs that investors are actually concerned about rising prices thing that wages can grow without quote being problematic as a white house briefing yesterday the council of economic advisers chairman kevin hassett echoed those sentiments saying that he expects the us economy to grow three percent without a big pickup in inflation curbed for most of our policies are going to create growth for the economy on the supply side and it within the supplyside growth comes that's actually good proof crucified puts downward pressure on prices as so we think that we can get for three percent okay growth that we full forecast without a big pickup in inflation then that was the white house counsel of economic advises the chairman kevin hassett speaking yeah i spoke to jeremy stretch it cibc earlier on he was saying the key ingredient he was productivity yes you can have wage growth that does not create inflation if you have productivity increases that was the that that the missing part of the conversation for him at let's also a talk about other reaction that we've seen to these comments from a nation of calls the dollar trades higher by threetenths of one percent some of attributed that market move to these nation comments also deadline capital ceo jeffrey gun black took to twitter to react to malaysians comments mnuchin mentioned that policies will raise wages without inflation ed de jeff regan leg says on twitter yet sure and we are going to expand the.

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