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At three fifteen p m in sought the lottery russ was staring at his computer when he heard a loud scream coming from behind him the scream was from a woman she haute fuck you to a man standing by szott russ was start open turned around to say what was going on the man had his face race and was a bit the punched the woman but the punch never came ross was confused and turn back to his luck talk but it wasn't bad the man and woman pretending to argue where fbi agents the to cross by the onset screamed at him to stay still another agent and taken russ's computer away from him while he was distracted by the fake argument agent brophy appeared and handcuffed for us that he made him stand up and walked to the door of the law breeding with tom belen jarred while whiting toubon charred escorted ross hale saw the lottery and russ us what he was being charged with tomba held up the pace of paper the united states of america first ross william albrecht i k i dread poorer of its aka date payout aka silk road jarred less trust with topo and returned to the luxury he saw that ross was locked into the main administrator section of silk road the sucrose support page and torch had were ripe in as well which shut the conversation jarred had just been having with him through cerus his account thomas kean and carefully carried the laptop out of luxury and into a waiting vehicle he had to make sure the laptop remained on at all times so as he sat with it in a car he moved his finger on the mass pat regularly so it was never out of activity kim was driven to a special van that was a mobile computer forensics latin he started going through russ's laptop with another computer expert one of the first things they did was look for any traps lucky coo's which the agents checked carefully and are that the next ten out what's the laptops contents were backed up six tones fbi agents conducted a.

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