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Slow. Show, sounds. Have you ever on spotify you can actually lower the listening time. Like drunk people. which, golden potion. I it will. Affect your interviewing on your conversations on your show of somebody's talking normally to you. Do you want them mentally? Are you thinking like you talk faster like us? No but I I think I'm fast talker and so but I don't ever listen to my own show. So it's not like I'm I think people might struggle listening to might because I think I talk fast. No you don't listen to your podcast. Every once in a while but not like, Derek, you listen to your music don't you push show? Yeah. But I'm always like go back and listen to the relevant podcast I do oh I only will. If it's like I, need to talk about it and I forgot what we talked about because I record way ahead I'm almost done for the year. Well. For for me show comes out. I, literally am like now what did we talk about for for me? The reason why I listen this is honest truth like I we would do the magazine that was so intensive and such hard work and it took months to issue like I didn't look at it again once I went to the printer I was done I mean I like we're on to the next one but this show to me, it's our relationship. So I get to relive this is fun and I enjoy it and to I'm listening though like if I'm not engaged or if I'm not interested in what we're doing the listeners probably on either. Time to hit reset like we need to shake it up right and so that to me just thinking about how to keep the show fresh like man if I'm enjoying if I'm WANNA, listen to it. If I'm laughing along I don't find myself fast forwarding or getting bored then we're good. But if I do hit Clark up and be like man, we need to do a Game. Next week or something because we gotta shake it up, know I mean listen for two reasons so yeah. Alison back until like I'm releasing a show soon where the contents a little heavy and could be controversial. So I've listened to it twice already just to be like, okay this is this. Okay. Just what I went out there. So yeah, sometimes I'll listen back like that. Derek Derek let me ask you this is real. This is an conceited or anything like that. Like do you listen to your music? Like recreationally like you put it on because you like it like you proud of it or do you listen to it critically about your art and how you want to evolve moving forward I, listen to music critically. That's the. That's the thing about being art her living. Yes. I. I can't even go to a live show. Without judging Yeah it is. But. I do listen also recreationally to lie after useless after come out for a while. and. Then I've known for I gotta go back and and it's kind of like nostalgia because every album kind of has a season of life wrapped in it to. Like when I go back to list the certain albums, it kind of reminds me of this would seize life was that and all that so yet. But Yeah I. Mean I'm my favorite rapper by knowckout..

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