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Made it everybody to the long holiday weekend. Glad you're spending part of it with us. Here at WTO P at 1238. Over to Carlos Ramirez first and then I will do TOP traffic soon. Thanks dean and of course we're watching as south capital street as you head inbound. The Douglas bridge, unfortunately, is currently closed because of an accident scene. You have to take care of that in the meantime. You're going to have to follow police direction. They'll have a workaround, but if you're headed inbound might want to opt for two 95 and go ahead and jump onto the downtown, ramp that will take you across the 11th street bridge and onto the southeast Southwest freeway might be your best bet right there. Northbound side of the third street tunnel, that's the inbound side looking okay. We were seeing delays there near New York avenue, no longer the case. If you're headed between the beltways, 95, and the BW Parkway looking all right? Across the bay bridge that far left lane is still blocked with the, it's not a work crew. They just have that far left lane blocked. What their most likely doing there is, though, since traffic is expected to be a little bit rough in the morning, a lot of traveling going on this weekend, what they're going to do is they're going to keep that far left lane closed since most people are headed eastbound. They're going to the minute delays start to build tomorrow morning what they're going to do is let folks use that far left line. If you're headed on two 70, no issues headed southbound for my Baltimore drivers, the outer loop of the Baltimore beltway technically closed only a single shoulder getting by the accident scene. It's going to be right by Stevenson, Stevenson, Bill road. You're going to see delays back towards the JFX. Down in Virginia, a couple of crews and O V dot said that they weren't going to have many out there for the most part. That is true. The one exception as you would expect is 66 if you're headed westbound after two 34 suddenly road, you'll find that you'll have three lanes available to you and on the eastbound side, looking through cameras right by the fairfax county Parkway looks like they do have a left lane blocked through that area. Otherwise, beltway traffic looking pretty good here in Virginia, same story in Maryland with one exception, the outer loop after Pennsylvania avenue, two left lanes are still blocked there with the crash activity, minimal delays of course. Carlos Ramirez, WTO traffic. Labor Day is looking good as high temperatures get back into the upper 80s to low 90s over the next couple of days. So it'll be hot for this time of year. Our average high is around 85. I'm going

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