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Broad based advertising vehicle and a large part of our demand. Unser what you would programmatic channels. So whether it's sort of the independent exchanges and dsp's that use them but also certainly through google and addicts and you'll has a edward small business product right and so when it comes to mobile in general or certainly the suite of inventory that we're offering whether it's on mobile metro. Pcs cricket wireless boost. It's very accessible at a whole range of ways to get involved so any one of those buying jones anybody in the marketing within finding stories adrian. I appreciate you walking us through the experience of how marketers can use the unlock screen as a vehicle. Also appreciate you bringing me back into my former life of working in business development and fix placements. I feel younger. Dumber and drunker with the exception of drunker already. Thanks for being my guest on the mar tech podcast when it's my pleasure. Thank you so much. Iran and that wraps up this episode of the tech podcast thanks to adrian belt highs chief revenue officer at mobile posse for joining us. If you'd like to learn more about adrian you can click on the link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on twitter. Handle his av. Dutch av d. u. T. c. h. Where he could visit his company's website which is mobile posse dot com m. o. b. i. l. e. p. o. s. s. e. dot com a special. Thanks to spot for sponsoring this podcast. If you're ready to align your team to a single source of truth to get a clear view of your business performance across marketing sales services the whole team hub. Spot will enable your team to adapt and evolve as fast as the changes in your market through data back decisions with powerful custom reporting and built in analytics to learn more about how you can scale your company without scaling complexity could a hub spot dot com and also a special thanks to linked in marketing solutions. For sponsoring this podcast. It's time for you to do business. Where business gets done and you can get one hundred dollars of advertising credits towards your first linked in campaign there's some terms and conditions that apply. You can get one hundred bucks off if you're launching that first campaign by going to linked in dot com slash martic again. That's lincoln dot com slash martic. Just one lincoln. Our show notes that i'd like to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while he relisting this podcast head over to mar tech pod dot com. It's marta c. H. p. o. d. dot com where we have summaries of all of our episodes contact information for our guests. You could sign up for once we newsletter. You can even send us your topic suggestions or your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can always reach out on. Social media are handle is mar tech pod. Marta c. h. p. Odiham linked in twitter facebook instagram. Where you could reach out to me. Directly my handle is benjy shop b. e. n. j. p. if you haven't subscribed yet and you wanna daily stream of marketing and technology knowledge in your podcast feed. We publish episodes every day every week. So hit the subscribe button. And your podcast and we'll be back in your feet tomorrow morning. All right. that's it for today but until next time my advice.

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