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Your son? How do you not shout it from the mountain tops? Olympic, sir. That's the sound of the icebreaking in the movie and the boys falling through when I saw this that ice cracked, and I grabbed the woman next to me. She me what talk to me about about that we until the audience. Breakthrough director rod Dawson, and producer devan Franklin say that element of the film was very important to them in order to us, and we played a lot within editing the the sound levels with visuals until we felt that it would take our is by surprise in the same event. John was taken by surprise breath homes. You know, rec- Mets explains how her work on NBC's. This is us prepared her for this emotional role. I think very deeply and so I'm just so grateful that I'm comfortable being uncomfortable being vulnerable. You can see videos of Carroll's interviews right now at x dot com. These. Beans fun time. Like, you said earlier time, I lied. This is the last time. It's an earworm. I'm sorry for going to work singing this at around the water cooler, but we tell you about Easter egg hunts because they have some kids and some grownups city of Hazelwood's Easter egg hunt is at white Birch park. Tomorrow starting at ten for the kids ten and under they'll be fourteen thousand eggs throughout the park sectioned off into five different age group on the east side and Edwardsville thirty thousand thirty thousand eggs, we'll be dropped from a helicopter Saturday at eleven in the morning. Catch him very softly every year. They have the drop in it's free. There are also inflatables for the kids and food trucks. It's held at metro community church. All right now for the grownups at tower grove park. Tomorrow an adult Easter egg hunt going.

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