President Trump, Christie, James Comey discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


Then on the top of age seventy one the morning of may tenth trump met with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov russian ambassador kislyak in the oval office and we know about this not because armenia was allowed in there they weren't but russian state media reported on it and they reported that during during that may tenth meeting the president brought up his decision to terminate komi telling lavrov and kislyak. I just fired the head of the f._b._i. He was crazy real nut job. I faced great pressure because a russia. That's taken taken off. I'm not under investigation. Even though <hes> who was it bannon told him you can fire the director of the f._b._i. But you can't fire the f._b._i. And christie told him this is going to elongate the investigation not shorten it here. He is telling the russians <hes> the pressures taken off. I'm not under investigation yeah. He knows the russians but he knows no russian. No of course russians yeah his pride. I'll be the death of him. He didn't meet those guys until i that justin they usually. He thinks he's smarter than everyone like. He's just gotta believe in myself and just stick to my story. This is the ball yeah in in period sounds nice but when you're trump you're an idiot. You know it's yeah yeah okay whatever trump no one believes you <hes> well unfortunately aw that's really weird yeah. I'm blame it. She did i say yeah so the president never denied making those statements by the way <hes> to the russians agents and the white house didn't dispute the account instead issued a statement saying by grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into russia's actions james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia the investigation have always continued and obviously the termination of komi would not have ended it even though he said that to the russians once again the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified information not by firing the f._b._i. Director that was investigating russian interference. Let's focus this on the snitch yeah. He's like a mobster gangster he is. He's like the bigger issue. I can't trust. These people need a loyalty loyal yeah basically their homes neutral term right. I assume so hope hicks said when she told the president about the reports <hes> on his meeting with lavrov that he did not look concerned turned and said of komi he's crazy and when mcgann asked the president about the comments to laugh rob. The president said it was good. That comey was fired because that took the pressure off by making it clear. He was not under investigation investigation so he could get more work done. Not if you're the one that directed is firing the eh an and everyone told you that wouldn't end the investigation and the same morning morning <hes> may tenth president called mccabe again according to a memorandum mccabe wrote right after the call because he's smart the president ask to come to the white house to discuss whether the president should visit the f._b._i..

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