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By anywhere from one to two feet of snow well, still continues to be worrisome where you from piece by miles blunt heart out of the Fort, Collins Colorado and because this has firefighting crews are still seeing pockets of smoke that continue to concern them pockets of smoke the fire actually burning under this blanket of snow. Now, aerial and ground crews were dispatched Wednesday to view view the fire and see what might be next for firefighters while too troublesome areas include the Cedar Park, Storm Mountain, and north fork trail area this around Glen. And the Comanche peak area near the Colorado State University Mountain Campus This is according to a video incident report released yesterday Joe Shell Hammer captain with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office said in this video update this thing is still alive and we have to pay attention to it smoke from the Thompson zone fire just west of estes park has mostly subsided. Some. Smoke has been detected in the cub lake area of Rocky Mountain National. Park evacuation surrounding estes park have been lifted or downgraded however Rocky Mountain National Park, and much of the Arapaho and Roosevelt national forests remain closed down Thursday just yesterday a mandatory evacuation order was downgraded to voluntary for the west side of Larimer County Road Twenty seven this Buckhorn road from Bob Cat Ridge Natural area north to Larimer county road forty, four H. and. Larimer county road forty, three from stream side drive to storm mountain road. Many of the structure damage assessments have been completed. No new numbers thankfully were repeated on Thursday. But the devastation is absolutely heartbreaking. The number of known destroyed structures is right around four, hundred and forty, two with two, hundred, twenty, two of those being cabins or homes this since the fire started August thirteenth also more evacuation downgrades by the way could be forth coming now. The two thousand twelve high park fire for comparisons of comparison purposes in the lower section of the canyon destroyed two, hundred, fifty, nine homes and three hundred and seventy structures overall now, snowy muddy conditions of the camera peak fire have indeed prevented firefighters from reaching direct lines of the fire. But the hope is that weather conditions will allow for that to happen later this week as. Seasonal weather returns to the area fire officials have said, the snow has been a significant assists of significant help in taming the fire. But no, it won't end the fire on Thursday morning there were one thousand, five, hundred, Fifty, eight personnel assigned to the fire including two hotshots and thirty hand crews one hundred and twelve fire engines, twenty-eight water tenders, fourteen bulldozers, and thirteen helicopters. All Ready. To fight the fire when it returns as of Thursday morning, the Cameron peak fire remained at two hundred and eight, thousand, six, hundred and sixty three acres with sixty four percent containment. The Thomson Zone of the East troublesome fire remained at four, thousand, three, hundred, forty, six acres with no containment. The entire east troublesome fire showed a little more than one thousand acres of increase with a total now of one, hundred, ninety, three, thousand, seven, hundred, and seventy four acres containment of the east troublesome fire increase to thirty percent on Thursday up from twenty percent on Wednesday. So yes, wild at Sunday. Snowfall that dumped anywhere from one to two feet of snow blanketing Cameron Peak Fire did indeed help firefighter shirts. Sadly, the fire continues to burn some twenty nine now thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado voice mornings with Gail. Via the auto collision specialists studios coming up markets are on track for the worst month since March and sales are going through the roof who's buying and why he wineman presidential wealth meant management joins us take a deep dive into these topics right around seven thirty, five closing in on.

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