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The wonderful project that you are leading and I want to spend some some time and talk about your kick sugar campaign and your rewards project campaign because literally it is becoming a movement in the UK you K.. Is that fair to say yes it is that is it. I get more dental professionals. A mental team members to integrate and to the discussing patients about how they can actually get healthier. Get off sugar. We're so lucky. As dentists being the first people the pool of cool when when while patients diets gang slightly off kilter way see the damage. The sugar does to that teeth and gums within a few months with lucky to actually Betas gatekeepers Something's going wrong here. And the full the good to type two diabetes Cardiovascular Disease Obesity ask Ah cancers that we can actually say. Hey let's do something about it eight you know. Of course I know the genesis behind this project But I I would like our listeners to know the motivation and Genesis to this project. Would you be kind enough to share Some slots about why you wanted to spearhead this project. Yes show Gary Leah. I'm a parent of three children and I was getting more and more. I'm frustrated by a all the sugar trish to them all day long Martin my Daughter was too and she had a I had cats and she was so excited is to be like like like mummy having a I had cap. Daddy's bit like Gary doesn't need as heck Mommy does she got really excited. You sat that really still had a Finished and I was with her. She said excited and as she sat down the first thing the headrest the did average average top of candy came out and said Hey we got emily done such a good job. Here's you can be his tree sitting. Still She's she. She looked at me. Like why am I having this autumn. Get candy a high and what what I needed and I say no. I need to do that. Wouldn't it be better to give you a certificate with the look of hair. Say well done emily coming to the headdress said she would then stick to go on the wool. We'll have friends and relatives would see that and advertise the business wealth and giving getting them bit of candy that excites fifth half an hour and then she forgets about afterwards so we need to do something about all the sugar this push to children and the more I research looked at my older children. School is that she realized the sugar. school should be Protected Zone sugar-free Zion. They should be taught nutrition and healthy eating. They shouldn't have to go and we realized that actually that have been pushed Old Day they're having more sugar in a day at school cool than that really. The recommended allowance in the whole week. I thought I can't. We need to do something about this. So we set up the charity rewards project looking at how we would without children with things other than food and sugar and then realize actually my older skit schools. They do well in the test. Chocolate bar is going on. Where where was the association between when we we do? Well we get through OV- sugar and then realized that the behaviors that we're learning as children will teaching our children and transfer and how we reward ourselves that Oh so we had a tough day. A lot of people within reach for chocolate boxes Themselves up on also whereas correlation. This is crazy so we've done more work with five hundred schools in the cat. Looking at West she comes into Eh Diets and how we can change the advice in playoff scenarios associated with that you can swap low sugar versions and does educate them as we have for sports day and I will give him the list the squash drinks and then giving Ciro balls saying. Why are you giving that to the the teachers know gang will then? The children need them for the energy. They went but Iran if they haven't got sugar insulin. Hey you're teaching. My children. Nutrition is going on here. It's the that's what they're rewards was set up when it's a registered charity. Now we're working with five-hundred schools looking at these things and giving them simple swaps to change it and from there it was like okay. This is not just a problem with our children. This is a global problem and with adults as well all of the reward and how we can look at it I mean is this is Nada simply a UK problem or a US problem. It's literally finally around the globe and there's a whole culture around sugary rewards. That is just as crazy as and I've actually had a talked more and more parents was fishy as a as a dentist were talking. And they're saying this is happening with my school then listening to me but there listen to you because is your dentist and you've got this charity so in writing to the schools on that Bohol saying hey this is wrong. This is the evidence to show is wrong. We need to do something combat so having an engagement now having conversations one school at times I WANNA change it. We want to have a sugar. Free School The manufactures of some some of the products are changing slightly but the the scary bidding on the same same must be in the. US is instead of just cutting down the sugar at slowly so people don't needed as much. They just putting official Sweden. So what's happening with craving that sweetness. I know the artificial sweeteners may not be giving us. Dental insult carries an abbot calorific problems but was still a pilot. Still craving that sweet taste. And the scariest thing I've noticed is ninety ninety. Five percent of toothpaste on the market at the moment have offficial sweetness in for the first thing we put in our house in the morning has got that sweet taste. And it's mad so pilot is like wildland aiming vending list sugars happening as if we're not then getting the sugar. We then create light more sugar and there's been Lazarus said if you have autism sweeteners. Use have more tweet than having no sweetness so saying Kate we need to do something about it and the best bit research. I found which I'll I'll send a post physio. Listeners can see is off the six days of cutting down on processed foods is not sufficient sweetness. Your pal recalibrate. So when you have something sweet distaste so sweet and so if anyone's try this down things newsline diet coke enough to you having off today. Seven suddenly so disgusting. Why did I even like that? And that's all it took was six six days six days. So what we've done is I've got together with the nutritionist and a couple of chefs Could Kick Suga which is go to a full team day Camila plan says go breakfast lunches and dinners for fourteen days all with low sugar all delicious foods and we realized actually that you can change flavors it just using natural herbs and spices. In Seoul's at Robin just chucking. Sugar Putin's Lazy it makes everything tastes Beca data. It hides batting gradients manufatures put in just because it's the preservatives. That makes editing cell and last longer. But we don't need to do that time so very simple. Recipes make Rayvey easy mo vegetables. I've shown ways that you can cook vegetables. Seven different ways to make it just so much tastier and then people that go through the fourteen days at the end of the go. Wow and then they can put back whatever they want afterwards but they realized that palace changed. And think wow. There's there's a whole lot of layers. I'm be missing all these different things have not had before just tastes different. There's like an awakening. I WANNA come back and we're going to talk a lot more about the book but I want to circle back a little bit and go back to rewards project for just a minute. We had a wonderful pre production discussion. You're on skype before I hit record and I'd love you to share With our listeners. Some of the cool things that you have found useful to swap. I think he used the word swap culturally so instead of do something Nice. Get something sugary. You've come up with some amazing swaps that Some of them. Frankly frankly have surprised you and I at the appreciation and the value of some of these. Would you mind sharing some of that with our listeners. Love to that was the one barrier. That would come up to be listening if I'm not going to give somebody a chocolate. But how do I give them. Talk is cheap and easy to get hold of us being lazy to think about it and we found actually the biggest surprises stickers. People laugh stick as doesn't matter how old they are. They actually love stick as we found this on. I started this off by. We've about seventy different stickers for our children when they come in they do well if the visit the dentist and we've started by when adults come in and they've done really well that bleeding schools go down. Oh they're plaques goals gone down that John you've done such a good job today and I'm really impressed by the way you're cleaning at. I think you deserve a sticker and they look at me like Mike and then kind of started in a cheeky way. Yes but in fact just joking a little bit and there's like you could Z.. Him regress in series childhood. A Gay yes. I do. Deserve a stick Jameson. Gap as the whole box is thick. And we've got about sixty different varieties of stickers the brand into a practices right branding for the practice and he put honest. I've I've been good at the dentist today. There was a sticker and he's got a thumbs up we stick thicket on him and he goes down to reception team the reception team looking and he's pointing out like down with him is points in the reception. Siedle what changed governor today. I've been good. It's got it really. I want our listeners. To understand to wear your practice is located. It's called Bow Lane. Bow Lane dental and you're located in the city of London City of London financial distances wool Strafe Wall Street. I mean that's the way I was going to describe it as it's virtually league the Wall Street district eventual district of of London so your patients primarily are very sophisticated professionals bankers lawyers accountants accounts and the funniest thing wearing these lovely suits and I got the sticky lapel on a cake. I'm proud of his Dick and we do more and more I'll stick with them and they love it and we give them a choice and they really engaged with them and they just patients like and we united already but patients light motivation and and acknowledgement when that trying hard because most of them all. We found that really well and and the thing is obviously we talked about. This without team is actually just recognition. When somebody does well you they've actually solve gone above and beyond is actually just coolum out and say John? Brilliant Lian I'm really impressed with that. Thank you so much for the way you've done that so we do that in the morning. Huddle we make sure that we call out two or three people have done something special and make sure everyone knows why they've been cool now and it just. We need.

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