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Okay so I've actually got the brief that was given not for this cute Our senior producer Matt Nelson wrote. You know that music in the social network that Trent Reznor did to show the building action. Something like that but Miami Miami and it builds to a climax so reading that how did you work offer that brief to create what we just heard it goes back to the idea of like the partying purpose idea right. I mean you literally have you literally have a local government that is trying to suppress a a cultural movement using the powers of litigation in the course right I mean that that that. That's that's the on this part. That is a super political part. Yeah that is the part I mean like thinking about just thinking I like this is just boggles my mind because it's all about like I think like literally thing of thinking about that. Same exact case in two thousand nineteen right now. You can't even fathom now you can't you can't even fathoming like what light in an and it shows you that like these. Were the fights this these. This is the blood sweat tears and fears fears like when he's getting up on Donahue show and he's talking about like and he and he and it really hits them. My Yoda's could go really bad. Actually saying that's a real. That was a real. That's a sacrifice that whole career. That genre of music was a sacrifice. You know what I'm saying. 'cause if that didn't happen we want named me talking about none of this right now. You know what I mean like things will look drastically different. Okay so when you think about the two crews battle to stop the music from being banned and and their fight for freedom of speech How important is it to you that all these years later you have the freedom to express yourself the way you WanNa do? Yeah I mean it's it's important as waters to human life camp. You know it's like it's like I mean if you take that for people what what what else does is there. Any what I'm saying especially as you know from our people saying in times where they took everything when time they took everything from us right and and and it don't matter the context it was like and that's from the beginning of time when people are taking land to to modern day right now where people are taking lengthy gentrification. What I'm saying and the war the war might not necessarily be physically trying to take the land from you right? It's economically strong. Take the land from me right when they're trying to take your land or trying China. Take your job. They're trying to say they're taking people saying that taking your like they're they're taking so much for me the one thing they'll never ever be able to strip is the the spirit of music in your soul. Never when someone tries to take that from you. It's like you don't talk. Cook everything else Bro. You don't already took everything else. You already took everything else and you're trying to take this. How dare you? How dare you and and so I think for for black people are large like that? The idea of sounding music has been a part of our our our not only just celebration but survival viral life for me like you know just to give context like I. I'm a I'm Ashanti right my family's from Ghana and Ghana. You know the way the tries workers you belong to your mother's tribe. My Mom's Ashanti were from Kumasi region m saying in Ghana right an Asante means of war right and so out of all the tribes in Ghana. We were known as a warrior tribe right and when I think about that one of the one of the key elements for us as warriors when people were coming to take hours one of the king weapons in warfare us is the talking drum. Let me people are GONNA ask. Why is it why is it drumline? How's it a weapon right so the concept of the talking drum right is that we have these drums and you find these throughout West Africa where it's not just you hitting some sort of skin that's on the head of of a drum there's also these strings that are attached to it and so the strings determine the tension of that skin on the on the drumhead and so what happens is you now can control? How much tension? That skin has on his drumhead. So if I squeeze it really tight and I hit the drum it has a really high pitch and then if I loose my grip on the drums than it has really bright and so the masters of his drum got to a point. Where did they could use this trump because now the drum the same exact drum changes issues and so the masters of his drum got really good at it so that they can actually actually mimic the human voice with this drum? The advantage of that plays in war. Right is that now can actually use this drum. Now that I can get this drum to have different pitches I can actually create a language right if I hit vis note three times at this high register this medium note go back up once it's like Morse course code. Now you're it's like now I can actually create a language based off of this drum. And that's exactly what they did. They created the language off of the drum off. And that's why eventually eventually got the name the talking drum 'cause you could actually make sentences from his drum and the reason that this is a weapon in war is that besides light right right. The only thing that travels faster than a physical any physical object on earth is sound sound travels faster rice off vomit men if me and you were at war right. You're an opposing army. You know you got your horses. You got your mental horses. I got I got my drum right I know that that Messenger. That's on a horse. He's not gonNA reach His his way trying to deliver faster astor. Then my drums sound will messes the nearby battalions of these guys are coming their flanking left boom. I hit that offer drum sound that message spreads spreads faster than the men on a horse. That was literally that drum is not just music for us. That was a weapon for our survival in my tribe where I come from right. How perfect metaphor is that bad? The drum was attached to people. Try to kill us. Take our land saying in. Take everything the one thing that we could use against them was our drone was our music. That's not and so for me. That's that's that's the power of music so so if someone's trying to take your drum and someone's trying to take they're trying to take your soul they're trying to take your spirit and and what else do after that. Then there's nothing left so when music is used in that conway and someone feels that threatened to remove your voice. They're trying to remove your soul bro. You know what I'm saying. So that's why I respected like. That's why when I when I when I'm seeing these guys in there fighting like that's the level of a fight that I'm seeing. I'm like they're trying to take. They're trying to rip the soul from these people. Yeah saying how dare they. How did that's heavy man man We gotta find. I don't care for you Changing gears from all the fast and heartbeats you also score just this really beautiful moment at the end of the episode that we may eight for Degel We want you to take a listen.

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