PAC, NIT, CBI discussed on RJ Bell's Dream Preview


From now when we get into tournament postseason action might not be a bad idea to to look and see how these Pac twelve teams do because, you know, recent history as far as at least these two teams isn't good as far as non conference the overall conference had a terrible postseason last year and just results oriented there is no dominant Pac twelve team this year. I'm wondering if we can make some money, just not blindly fading the conference. But certainly finding some value in certain spots fading this conference because let's face it far and away behind at this point. I I mean, I can argue because of the strength of Houston and Cincinnati I mean Pac twelve similar the AC when it comes to strength. I mean, right. Wouldn't I wouldn't argue against? I'd argue that the the Ohio valley conference with Belmont and Murray state and Austin P, and in Jacksonville, I would say that team is or that conference is in the same conversation as this. When the problem is if you're trying to fade the Pac twelve come tournament time, you're going to be basically fading them in IT games. Because I think there's one to tops coming from the pack twelve so it's going to be hard to find a bunch of games where you can fade the, you know, the the Pac twelve unless you're you're playing the smaller tournaments, which some people do and you can actually find some value in those. But yeah, you're gonna have a hard time. Finding too many Pac twelve teams to fade come tournament time. Yeah. And it'd be interesting to see if RJ allows us to do some. IT CBS CBI CIT. Everyone wants to talk NCW tournaments college basketball. Why we couldn't have letting the CBI CIT tournaments. There's a lot more value in some of those tournaments than ought softer lines. Yes. And then the NCWA term, and you get so many unique positions. You know, the teams that just don't want to be there at similar to bowl action the NCAA tournament. They don't have anything to play for you get some teams that are very excited. I mean, they sell out the their home arena there. They're all fired up to be hosting. Maybe a big big name program. Love betting the NIT. I just I mean, if you ask me, what would you rather bet as far as a prophet aspect goes? Would you rather bet the NC double A tournament or the NIT? Gimme the NIT all day and twice on Sunday. As we get closer. We'll put a poll up for that to see what our listeners actually think if they want it. We know maybe we'll go on it because they wanna win or. All the money. Is your cash on those tickets again recapping at like Utah plus ten for AJ lean.

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