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Elon Musk here. All time favorite standup. Richard Pryor. and down. And something you've learned about yourself in twenty twenty. I'm a horrible teacher. We have the exact same life. It's with from the sleep to the birds to the to the weekend. Yeah. They change math parallel. With this common core, they can't I was sucked the math as it is change it on me. This stuff and I gotTa tell you. My patients I hated school and you know to begin with imagined, trying to teach school God hill you hate it. But. The and then we got the birds because if they're going to be locked in, let's get some birds. So they can play with his way easier than puppies and you know, and then we had to get to because you you can't just. So anyway, they're biting the kids. Crap every ten minutes. Every, ten minutes straight and testing straight out. There's there's a lamp that they like. You know the lamp hanging in the kitchen table. So my wife goes nuts about that. Get off the lamp now or they're going to be what your mother did to the pigeon's. That is fantastic. Listen everyone. Please be sure to check out. Asian. Mama Mexican kids on Netflix. Rob. Thank you so much for taking the time to check in and catching up with you man great saying whatever you're doing. My best to the out there? With Mario Lopez..

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