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Fire against the bench I might go I only in the W. B. T. do center American Airlines Charlotte's primary passenger air carrier is cutting thousands of jobs because of the corona virus outbreak which has dealt a severe blow to that industry company reportedly informing employees yesterday that it's reducing management administrative staff by thirty percent or about five thousand of the roughly seventeen thousand positions in those areas of the company CLT is the airlines second largest top at about eleven thousand workers are employed in Charlotte the corona virus outbreak has been creating financial hardships on North Carolina hospitals at a time when they're most needed according to the state's top public health official today health and Human Services secretary Dr Mandy Cohen says the state needs its hospitals to be as strong as possible on the same day that North Carolina reported its highest number of Colbert nineteen related hospitalizations colleges hospitals will be getting some help with money owed from serving more than two million Medicaid beneficiaries our department has accelerated the timing of some Medicaid payments that usually what happened in the fall it's a total of nearly one point six billion dollars of money has been distributed to more than one hundred hospitals across North Carolina but college says it's only a temporary bandaid and the more support is needed for all health care providers during the crisis the president trump escalating his war on American social media companies today after being fact checked recently by Twitter trump signing an executive order challenging the liability protections that have served as a bedrock for unfettered speech on the internet for decades now WBT moneywatch solid gains disappear the final hour today the Dow fell a hundred forty seven points nasdaq lost forty three the S. and P. five.

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