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Jj say what's up the fire nation ensure something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with so for being the biggest consideration i think is the fact that you have to be willing to sacrifice for me. You know early on in the days of leinster media company that i founded You know the the success of mainstream media really really came from originated from the success of my own my own book that i had been writing and so i i was working in. Corporate america was miserable and You know one of the things that i that i did early on was i was willing to stay up until four or five. Am writing my book and and putting in the time and really Really sacrificed a lot of sleep early. On i think a lot of entrepreneurs can relate to that So i think you have to be willing to sacrifice something whether it's you know sleep time in general money relationships even although i don't recommend that but i think you know sacrifices key so jj. I recently in personally wrote a book. Michael i traditionally published book. And i get a lot of questions that people saying john like i've written I'm interested in writing a book. I've seen that you that you wrote one. Like where do i even begin. How does one even begin to start writing a business book. And frankly i don't really have great answers but you're kind of the expert on this topic. So how does one even begin to write a business book. A good starting point is coming up with a topic. First and foremost i think. That's that's fairly self explanatory. So if you're if you are leadership guru or your consultant. Some sort of consultant. You know right on the topics that you that you know And but beyond that you know Choosing choosing unique and and you know Explanatory title and subtitle You know once you have that topic nail down the title is incredibly important and if you can you can add some your your topics key words into the title or subtitle. I think that's keys. Well to kind of allow Seo again especially within Amazon's algorithms our website So let's just say you're writing a book on leadership if you can include the word leadership in your title or subtitle That can do that. Can do wonders for For visibility on platforms like amazon Author john maxwell is a master of writing effective book titles and subtitles..

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