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Dodgers, La Red Sox, Peterson Homer discussed on Tony Paige Show


At two o'clock. I'm Marco balletti about as crazy a World Series game as you will ever see as we head to the bottom of the fourteenth inning in LA Red Sox and dodgers nodded at two. Now. Boston took a two one lead in the top half of the thirteenth inning throwing out error by the pitcher Alexander on an infield single by Wardha Nunez allowed Brockhall to score dodgers down to their final out max Muncie at second yachts yelp week. Hit a shot up the metal Ian Kinser able to make the play. But he threw it away that a lot of Muncie to score Puig safe at first. So we headed to the fourteenth inning three up and three down for Boston. So we had to the bottom of the fourteenth fourteenth inning with the dodgers and Red Sox. Even a to Jackie, Bradley, jR. At a Homer in the eighth that tied the game up at one aftershock. Peterson homered in the third Walker. Buehler. Who is going to get lost in this one? But seven innings a to hit ball with seven ks. No runs for him. Kenley Jansen allowed the game-tying Homer. Bradley, jR, Rick Porcelli Lhasa just four and two thirds the one run with Peterson Homer five case for him. Nathan of all the is now on he's the night arm used by Boston and this one he allowed the tying run obviously unearned with the Lur error in the thirteenth inning. He's going to continue to pitch. There's only two more pictures available for the Red Sox. Drew Pomeranz who would probably start tomorrow in game four because of all these not going to do it. And Chris sale could pitch tomorrow. I'll three days rest of all these going to be out there. Probably for the duration of this. One again tied Tida to top of the fourteenth inning Red Sox. Look for a three nothing series lead. Dodgers trying to get involved in the series met you closer to new GM reports are Brody bandwagon front runner, replace sandy Alderson bandwagon wagon, and no prior experience inside mergers ation, but high profile Asian representing the likes of Jacob degrom Noah, Syndergaard, and you want assessment as off for the warriors took complete control the fourth at the garden..

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Dodgers, La Red Sox, Peterson Homer discussed on Tony Paige Show

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