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Hello and welcome to inside supercars as this week. We have a look at two drivers doing two very different things ahead of the season start. Shane Ben giz Bergen has announced hilly will be racing in the Australian rally championship with Red Bull, and James Courtney is off testing the gin three car this week at Queensland rice. Why? And like many drivers, they enjoy getting back to school. Yeah, first day at school. I've gone back to school before the kids have, but they're not fantastic. As it always is, they have a 1000° out here in switch and yeah, it's great to get some more running in the gym for a couple obviously. Had the little teaser of baptist, which was amazing to get out and go across the mountains. Mountain, not mountains, mountain the band, and had a little bit of fun with wheel ground that day, jostling a little with the Camaro, so it's not a great come out here and get started and just trouble running the boys have obviously been working crazy over Christmas break. There's a lot of components here on the car, which has changed from when I drive it last time and you know it's a very different car to what we're used to. I was saying the group levels feel very similar to what we had in 2008, that sort of BA. Era, which is good, but we're the bottom myself. Davison Shane is obviously there then. But the new guys don't know what that lack of down force is all about. So it's a good thing. Yeah, just getting some running today, really. Testing at Queensland raceway was not just about the new car, James talks about some of the other systems that they are concentrating on. Yeah, first of all, it's a hot one out here, we're testing the new cool suit system, which is a refrigerated unit which TA have been running this year last season. The majority of the other teams have been running dry eye systems. So it's a little bit safer, I guess. So using that and it seems to be working quite well, which is good on a hot day. I'm happy about that being the older chap. But yeah, getting some miles and all that sort of stuff the guys are going to also compare Mars with some changes underneath the skin. And also going to do some running behind around both cars later on this afternoon. Hopefully we're allowed to run into a shell. That'll make it a little bit more exciting. But yeah, any day you can drive a race car's a good day, so it's a lot of fun and I can't wait to keep going. And what about the new gen three car? How is JC finding the differences between it and the current car? And give him an edge on the competition when it is introduced. Yeah, it is very, very different. Definitely the group levels a lot lower the aero balance. The car moves around so much more through turn one and two here at X which are quite high speed corners more so too. You're losing the rear, whereas with the current cars, it sort of driving with a lot of understeer. So it makes it quite lively. Also, without that rear wing or that really down force braking, we've got a lot of rear locking set of cars moving around a lot, which is interesting. But if you drama still like the power steering still isn't right, it's got a bit of a wave in it and a little bit of vibration, which is also working on. And that's all part of this testing is all about to try and get rid of those little issues before we hit the ground running at the start of the next season. But yeah, having a ball, like you said, it's very, very different car to drive and yeah, that's fun to drive something different. We've been driving. It can't have changed a lot over the whole time I've been in the category. But it's always been a slow little slight change so you don't really get the gist of how much the car has changed until now we have a complete change like everything's different. Yeah, it's fun. Sparks some energy. It's been a fun to drive. Yeah, so let me join the day so far. We haven't done as much running as I wanted. I got my little bloke here fidelity's birthday today and I said to him, what do you want to do? You can either stay at home or hang out with mates and then he wanted to come out here to be the first kid to be playing his first kid to sit in it and have a look at it. So it's good to have him here today. He's enjoying the day. He was more excited about meeting Shane on his birthday, I think so. So that's a bit of kicking the balls for me. But anyway, I'm at home happy as long as he's happy. For James Courtney, the season will start in March, but not a Newcastle as many head hoped with the street race being set aside due to the aim across variant. Yeah, look at it's a shame. We couldn't get to Newcastle. The world's crazy place at the moment, but as long as we're racing and to go back and we're doing a 300 kilometer race in under light. So trying to jazz it up as much as we can. And hopefully, with the tire format, it is going to mix up the racing as well. And these things under lights are always spectacular. Everyone's had a little bit of a break. Everyone's going to be come back and they're going to say their Mina the top of their stronger their feet are the cars are faster than they've ever been. All this hype and then we get racing you can see what happens. So it's always exciting to me, the first round. So yeah, be interesting to see how it paints out. The former western Sydney boy will return to the west with the opener now at Sydney motor sport park. He is JC thoughts. Yeah, home ground. Well, I've lived out of pens for a long time, but I was blowing out that way. Last couple of times I've been on the podium has been on the Saturday so there's been a lot of spray champagne, so it'll be nice to be able to spray champagne this time. And hopefully we can come away with good results. So it's going to be a big year for us to take good moving, obviously, to the 5 car this year, cam and I still together in the garage with the 6 and the 5, which is excellent. I'm excited to go working with him. He's such an amazing young talent and having a great time with my racing. Well, as you heard last year on inside supercars, Shane van gisbergen will be running the Australian rally championship in 2022. He spoke to motor sport Australia about what sparked his interest in getting into the championship. Always grown up with rally, but yeah, it's pretty nerve wracking to finally be in the main series in a proper car. Dip the tower in the water in New Zealand with a rally in dad's escort and a hill climb there. But yeah, to do a championship round. It's going to be it's going to be pretty tough jumping straight in, but yeah, just take my Tom and see how we go. The New Zealand born racer, what does he know about the nation's capital? The Australian capital, not much else. At the moment, I got no idea. I think there's a big jump somewhere that's quite famous, but yeah, I'm not sure if they still use that. Van Gibbs Bergen loves motor sport and has been successful in just about every style of car. He's competed in. So what attracts him to other events? Yeah, I just love driving and competing against the best guys. You know whether it's drifting or speedway or rally. And rally drivers are the best of the best and when I did this, it's obviously the same you're driving a car as faster than you can, but on gravel it's so foreign to me and listening to someone else tell you a way to go like it's an awesome challenge and yeah, I just want to see if I can adapt and try and get better and better at it and hopefully have a propaganda. Yeah, this will be a great initiation. We've got some pretty cool people on board. And looking forward to that. The supercar champion moving to rallying, what are some of the challenges that are ahead for him? The biggest thing is listening to someone and listening to the pace notes. That's the toughest thing. And understanding what the numbers mean and how detailed to be.

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