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This is this is like a one and done her like. You're just beginning an iterative process. If you were telling someone. I maybe can guess what you'll say but if you're talking to someone who's just starting out you know i mean it's been a long time since you were just starting out. But what would what advice would you impart that movie. I would say you know. Look at looking at us as journey and it's definitely a marathon not a sprint and so you know i think sometimes that there's some advice in the debt free community and other places that it's like go harden you have to get it right the first time i am and you have to do it so quickly i will tell you. We've restarted are right budget more times than i can college and like he's not you know we have not were not perfect budgeters just because i work here and we've been doing this a long time by any means and you know. I think that's the big advice that gives them like. It's just a journey and you get better with it better at it with time and you get better at with practice and you have to align your money with your priorities. And he can't let anyone else tell you what your priorities should be. Or you're never gonna you're never gonna do it because it's not meaningful to you. If you could just take drive from your brand into someone else's what would it be. I think the. I think the big one is if you're the type of person who who wants your priorities with money to be like in stone you know to for you to see them and actually what your priorities are you know stick with wine ab because that's what it does for you. It's the only tool that clearly outlines your priorities with money. And there's no line you can't like you can't lie about it when you look at the previous month in. You settled all your debts. You know it shows you what your priorities were that month than and if you don't like what you're saying you know you can work in change them. It's letting you just find out what your priorities are and make sure that your money's lining up with them. Yeah i think and this is something i say in other situations so i don't know if it's specific to budgeting but it's like be really strict at the beginning with yourself and then you'll be able to loosen up later. Which sounds weird. I'm excited when we started budgeting we were in a terrible spot and so we. We were incredibly strict and we. May you know those sacrifices that we had to and then now that we're further along. We use rule three liberally to move things around all the time. As long as i think you've talked about this for as long as we're hitting the big things were free to move stuff around within the the lower priority ish categories all the time so we should be really clear when we're saying when we at not make a plea for you to reconcile that we want you to hit the reconcile button in your account register and when you do that wind up nounce. What is the cleared balance at your bank now. This can sometimes be tricky to find. The cleared balanced your bank but it doesn't include pending transactions. And you works. Do not process in wine air and when you have fully reconciled you're cleared balance matches the cleared balance at the bank to the penny you're uncleared balance Is limited to those transactions manually entered in the past few days and just haven't yet cleared your bank and the little cleared symbols in wine ad will be replaced by little green locks. And that's what you that's when you know. You've successfully reconciled. What does the green lock do for you. Why the long. So the lock is a signifier for one thing to you. Bit when you reconcile. This transaction was corrected sort of locked in whereas uncleared transactions can continue to change even your cleared transactions. You can you can edit an update those before you reconciled. But the the the lock signifies to you that you don't need to dig into those transactions the next time you reconcile in reconciling does some work behind the scenes within wine app to make sure that you're not importing duplicate transactions. So a lot of people will reconciles or even their head. They're just eyeballing that those numbers are right. But if they're if the right just go ahead and click that reconcile button because it it will work for you. Make them right. Make them permanently right permanently right exactly. And i'm pretty sure that. If every wine ever started reconciling regularly like magically today. I think we need like one third fewer support special. We can't have that we would do we. Would we would just redeploy as like proactive. Cheerleading budget cheerleaders right right..

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