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A famous person. T- shawmut say you need to say hi to him. So i met colin quinn norm macdonald tick on down the list. Bop sag going down the list that t- shawmut introduced me to and what i found. Really inter- interesting well. I'll throw one more thing. I've done a roast in houston for fourteen years now jeff ross has always been the mc so go pick. Ross up at the airport. We write jokes the night before. The interesting thing i've found is talking to comedians. When ever anyone says something funny never laugh you go. That's a good. Yeah or you go. That's a good one You know that's funny. It never seems like comedians laugh. And i guess that makes sense because it's your job right. I don't laugh. When i write memos about oil and gas investments I've heard if comedian laughs. Because they in their head wrote it better. Maybe i never laughed so harvey so for me. One of the we've interviewed a lot of people in our podcast and one of my favorite talk kestrel. It's called breaking down. Bits is the name of the striking bit so actually somebody who got their start in. Houston the guy here real quick matthew broussard. Another rice graduate He's he's way more handsome and way more successful than me. But but certainly. When when i show up on stage they don't want me to win and so he had some advice that it's like look at my bits. I'm gonna lose win lose so he sandwiches and and so i can give you an example My wife insisted that we had natural childbirth in the whole time is making fun of this whole process of natural childbirth through do punches and tags and all this stuff and at the end she shits in my face. I deserve that that. So that's how i lose in that into that gotcha. He's got almost a. I've talked to about it. And he has almost a scientific way about it. He's way better than me he. He's got one hundred. He's got a opener easy. Yeah he's a scientific. His brain works he at the mathematics of of a punchline. Yeah oh yeah his openers are about self deprecating and so i've kinda have to fall that rhythm in fact when it with friends. Don't even ask me patrick brian. How do you lose them this to read right to that so you can't win. Good looking blond boy..

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