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Spell shouted out the warriors because you saw on your heart half so last year they went fifty seven I'd say that as absolutely nothing to do with this year considering they no longer have Kevin Durant Klay Thompson hurt the do still have steph curry Philly Kevin Durant siller Murad I'll take over like I think yeah I think Steph is going to be like scoring title Mvp good I think is GonNa be motive rated and Angela Russell's like a lot of talk about he won't fit I like a twenty three Rd all-star what would he have to do to not that's why like he's I think he's a perfect fit I think they'll they'll make it work yeah I think he's a good enough player to say okay maybe I should take more maybe I should I gotta do this one step has the ball I think they'll figure that out so I think he's the type that's GonNa like figure out his role he's not going to be like I need the ball knows what teams are he's coming from the nets where he was like kind of the guy to be the guy is now I think he's going to Mesh Wealth I'm just moving the ball around and CBS players around him if he doesn't they're going to trade him and go get more common implicit does they still might trae correct yeah I like the over there it's only my twentieth well yeah because I thought it was so low those low if you like the last five warriors years there brexit their over being much lower but the circumstances who's next WHO's next la Clippers hoof saw them but for us very high I feel like I'm leaning under for that I feel like it's going to be a lot higher than they're willing to commit to regular season seven Los Angeles not next week chosen sane role do both back to back well I missed them up I missed one by the albuquerque isotopes Well how about we do the Lakers I hear at fifty one fifty one half John over thirty seven over on that Lakers go for that very reason are going to be pedaled to relatively pedal to the metal he they have to win every game I don't think they could lose whether I mean after I mean the way they played last year and Lebron didn't have all you have to okay Lebron's it's okay what brought everybody but now he's as everybody has Anthony Davis has a guy he wants he has to win a shit ton again going over what's the most games Anthony Davis on New Orleans we'll about fifty forty eight fifty ish I'm guessing what do you like Kelly I like them to win like fifty on the dot really I can't see them losing thirty two like I could definitely see them losing thirty two games unless it's like a crippling injury because like when the Brown was like he's witcher waiting definitely eighties out for a week away for him to get back to pair with I I can't see them unless it's more injury the West is really good like we've talked about so like them winning thirty two isn't even like an indictment on losing thirty two dight men on that might just think they're gonNA lose their benches and great like I think it's GonNa matter I'm going over I think they're going to be very regular season oriented I think they can still be true in fifty and thirty two could be like a negative thing even then I injury aside I can't say I just this is maybe their only year I agree with that as well no I'm looking on my thing I don't know why he has no bees make honey does too good too good I don't it's not here oh Lakers are still fifty doesn't have clippers no number why aren't they on here there's someone hurt everyone's Paul George whatever the clippers numbers they don't know who's GonNa Play Zion I don't see I could see they want forty eight last year and then they added probably the two best offered like fifty six sixty seven like I'd like they're clearly that good I just like to guys not the healthiest one who's mastered load.

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