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The ball for five hundred feet anyway. So in that sense, I think the are better positioned because the Red Sox have a good offense to, but actually the second least homerun reliant, offensive any surviving playoff team after the Braves. So I think the better set up in that way, but probably the bullpen is the bigger and more obvious edge here and before remove. On, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Luke void is of product of the state of Missouri's premier college baseball, Missouri state bears inside joke. Conversation about Missouri college baseball. I don't know. You probably wouldn't have been remiss not to mention that you've walked right in Missouri state. Also a school bid knows the thing or two about big beefy sluggers with Ryan Howard Canada among major league alumni, and Jake burger nominative determinist the the White Sox prospect, so they grow in big in the show missing? Yes. So you mentioned the bullpen. I think that's going to be a big differentiating factor, perhaps the big differentiating factor. Yeah. And we talked about it on our first podcast after the trade deadline, I think we were all sorta surprised that the Red Sox had not made a bullpen move. The Anki is did of course they went out and got Zach Britain, even though they needed another Bopha are less than the Red Sox probably did. And yeah, I think that is the big edge here in you could say that maybe Red Sox need the bullpen a little less than the Yankees. Maybe they have a stronger rotation, but I mean, we're already tired of talking about it. I think we're top. Heavy rotation. I don't know if they're stronger one through four perhaps not, but it's a problem. I mean, they just don't have that many guys that you can bring out and have that kind of confidence in because they're just throwing flames and have nasty breaking balls. I mean, they have good relievers there. There aren't really truly terrible bullpens in this playoff field, but they're definitely weaknesses there. Whereas the Anki is no matter what inning it is. They can bring out someone who's going to give you a lot of competence confidence in. It's basically a late inning armour setup. Men or potential closer has been closer before you basically go five, six arms deep in that pen and you don't in Boston's. The bullpen I think is is probably the area where one team has the biggest advantage over the other when you go from Yankees to Red Sox. But if you wanna talk about things that this series might hinge on, I think you have to start with Chris sale. What do you expect from him? It's hard to know because he's been fluctuating a lot and. Obviously he was on the DL twice in the second half with shoulder problems and would come back and pitch. Okay. And then go back on the deal. And it wasn't clear how much of that was just resting him and getting him ready. But clearly there was some problem there. And then of course, in his most recent start, his Flosse was significantly down and that's always worrisome and yeah, down a lot and not just in that last start but across the entire month of September when looked it up on Brooks baseball, though results in September were pretty good. It's three seventy five yards with eighteen strikeouts in twelve innings, but only twelve innings pitched and straighten the average fastball velocities down from ninety six to ninety seven in the middle of the season too little to shade under ninety three and September, and almost as important that change up differential from fat or that philosophy differential from fastball changeup sound from about ten miles an hour to less than seven, and that could be a big problem. Yeah..

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