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And so that's the big picture you you've got to get to the next for now some qualities one level lower uh i have an acronym dicey the i see though the dea dicey staff deep break products great services their deep deep they figured out what you need as you come up the power kerr the ice stands for intelligued when you look at it you say aha this company figured out my pay company figured out my problem there smart one example of this is in germany mercedes is running a test with their smart cars were dhl has a smartphone it shows worthy recipients cardi's as opposed to house so all of us have gone moment we find a little tagged as we tried to deliver or your package today you were toll we're going to try to deliver tomorrow for not on tomorrow we're sending it back well dhl with mercedes has fix this problem because the dha lap shows you wear your car is not where your house you go to the car the the app opens if the car you put the package in the back and you'll need as much greater than leaving a note at your house and four phil in the environment's perspective imagine if you could go to accompany parking lot with two hundred cars and make twenty deliveries instead of going to twenty houses leaving tags that's intelligent complete means is the full talent the of your service so it's not just the software it's the services it's the a third party developers it's the totality when you buy a phone you get the apps you get the genius bar you get the repair it or you get the online support first ian dicey staff were empowerment that it makes you better doesn't fight you and the last these elegance where it's about the user interface in the human designed so.

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