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Fifteen, it's time for sports and let's check in with Ryan willing, we'll Brooke the MLB training deadlines. The take place today at four, o'clock the Tigers have. Made one moves far they've certainly. Honest Martine Cleveland for short stop prospect Willie Castro's, who sitting to forty five with five home runs and thirty nine is that's for double a akron manager ron gardenhire meanwhile telling m._l._b. radio he can't rule out if a last minute deal will go through for nicholas kost janos from michael fulmer somebody comes out it's really hard with them and offers us you know a package that's going to going to make this organization you know grow a little faster than they're gonna look at it so i understand that part of it it's part of the deal and i guess you guys know that and and that's the way we're working at the team meanwhile in action tonight they're opening up a short game series with the reds map board against homer bailey you can hear it on ninety seven one the ticket starting at seven ten in his first interview since signing with the lakers earlier this month lebron james telling e._s._p._n. even though he's been ripped by some for his criticism of president donald trump he will continue to use his platform to speak up against inequality you see something that's injustice you see something that's wrong or see something that's trying to divide us as a race or as a as a country Then I feel. Like my voice can be heard and can speak volumes and especially coming, from a, point of of the, of sports now James also spoke about his decision to leave Cleveland for a second time and joined the Lakers said even, though some didn't understand that move was the, best decision, for himself and his family and the NBA's become the, first major, US sports league to sign an official betting sponsor they've. Inc day three or twenty five million. Dollar deal with MGM that, will give the gaming company rights to use league highlights names logos and its direct data feed..

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