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Fresh air anywhere. So, Richard, If I'm understanding this we have we have. I don't know something like 600, the megalithic sites in in great Britain and in in northern France. And they all seem to be using this standard unit of measurement again. These were the built by these megalithic cultures, thousands and thousands of years before the classical Greek mathematicians beat before the fag, Rhys and yet there they have this incredible knowledge of geometry. And these you find these same unit of measures. Across the Europe in these megalithic structures are they also found elsewhere on the other side of the Atlantic, for example. They weren't alignment the same like in the whole world culture and in In Mexico. You find measures I have done lots of work with the Amerindian. Monuments, but the I can access information about the The mayor on the Olmec. We went before, and they appear to have The full package. By this stage, it probably originated from the ancient near East. Was probably related to history, such as getting close to the time of the In the Mexican case close to the time of the bronze age collapse. You know this is about 1200. Bc Suddenly, almost overnight. It seems a lot of cities were destroyed in the eastern Mediterranean. On guard on the old idea of the bronze age fell apart because of probably iron weapons arriving. So anyway, there were there were We're travelers travels by sea on these travels event in fact, Now called in some sense navigators, the people responsible for our Stories about the stars because they navigated and they became the Greek myths. A lot of the Greek myths are stories related to constellations. And so it's not as if We used the names of the way around it. They really are. And so the it's not unrealistic for the almost to end up in Mexico. And I found evidence of the harmonic material that we will be talking about later. But also the Uh, The measures as you say. And the German geometrical ideas are all present. And round about The the determine of You know zero BC the city of chance He will hand was Established by whole mix more or less on then, by that stage, they were part of the mayor culture, but they were like the northern branch. And in that, you see, uh, you know many different meters to measure that would also see in Egypt or elsewhere. So that is obviously being some transmission and a lot of people who see them this Atlantis, But it would be quite reasonable, I think, just bring it down to The fact that the mental disease megalithic people who became numerous in on the western seaboard of Europe that they defused to the east on the West, maybe There were, you know catastrophes along the way, but the point about it is that the main work has been done on they created out of that came our dear centric picture that by the Middle Ages. Was still the picture of of cosmology. So you know the most of the modern age since the movie mystic Up to say the end of the day when we adopted they, the sun centered system. ALS that Was a model effectively probably had its origins in the mega Lissy period because it was based on the astronomy is aided on this was based from where we see the world we see the world from the earth. We don't see it from the sun. In our minds. We know that the sun is the center of the solar system. But there was no solar system is such Until the last 400 years. Not in the minds of men. S o. You mentioned minds of men that are important or sorry. Women as well. Right? You mentioned cardiac in Brittany. These stone circles in the alignment of these stone circles what and again laid out with this megalithic inches and megalithic yards and so forth. What What was this design for? As an observatory? What were they using it for? It. Various things they want to pin down on. The next question always came from the last answer. The very God First of all they needed to find out the relationship. You know some of the moon Then they want to know the longer period of sun and moon. They were fascinated by eclipses, of course. And it doesn't 18 year 10 Day period, which is Gives us very actually they repeat of the same eclipse. This. This was like, really important. Once you found that period, you could say that 18 years later, there would be a very similar eclipse. And particularly lunar eclipses because although the solar eclipse is very, very sensational, it's very hard to pin down because it it's actually just happening for a little part of the surface of the Earth. Whereas with the lunar eclipse. This is very important for the megalithic because they were happening regularly, like maybe twice a year or or Around that. And so they studied the eclipses. They studies they found a no overarching period of 19 years, the Masonic in which everything comes back. The same thing again. It repeats the pattern. So after 19 years, the sun the moon on Odds are pretty much exactly repeated. On Then they looked. You know, within that period there was a period in which the moon is above this, so allow this. On very goes down to the low and he's a call maximum minimum moons on their due to the off the angle of the moon as it'll be, it's the earth. Slightly away from the solar system, so it means that over 6800 days They repeat happened to the The maximum is repeated. And then after 9.3 you get years you get the minimum and so that's a very long period. On they became interested in in deep time. And then you see this manifested in somewhere like the man long count. Which you know, some have said that it or dated about the time of the end of the magnetic period on the zero point, and then there was a zero point supposedly in 2012. These always always is connected stuff. Right now. I don't know if I can't remember if I read it in your book or somewhere else. But the the megalithic geometry was apparently based on a 366 degrees circle rather than the 360 degree circle. Is that is that true? I think the most important Circles were 360 in order to be able to have devices. And so these Sumerians accredited with that in 3000 bc. How, but evidence of 360 being used exists in the Magnetics Well, 365 allows you to make a simulator. 80,000. If you think of that each of those 165 elements around the outside, then you can count them as a day. So instead of counting in a line if you count in a circle Then you come back to the beginning all over again. And that's exactly how the planet real this work. And so on. It's exactly how time is it's actually psychic. You could look it in two ways linear or cycle it on so they could then build circles using the geometry. On. For instance, if you make a square And say the silly years is the side of the square. And you've got four years right round the square. They're developing geometry for creating a circle from a square. So that if they had four years in a square, they don't have four years in a circle. And then they could count round and round these structures. Andre the this'll meant Good. That was a picture off the ecliptic, not ecliptic is the path of the sun. So they could they were able to build models. Got rid of all the irregularities that the Earth's motion produces. And they could just see because when, when the earth rotates, of course, all the stars and the planets Uh, you know, uh, rotate themselves, you know, they go westwards. Where's the planet?.

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