Chicago, Mensa, Fire Commission discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Over really important the rules to deal with this and help he's at his kid's high school. Athletics is a wonderful opportunity to do that. The W ay will allow schools two of their sports seasons to the spring if they choose, Gualberto says. Police and Fire Commission was scheduled to meet today to discuss the case involving suspended Officer Joseph Juice of MENSA. But that meeting did get cancelled. Team J. For Sean Gallagher has the details. There was a technical issue with Zoom meeting I d that was sent out. Apparently it was incorrect and when they made adjustments, they had to create a new one, and because of that, they felt they were in violation of the open meetings laws, so they feel like they need to reschedule this meeting. To make sure they do this correctly. Now. This special meeting was supposed to discuss possible action related to Officer Joseph MENSA meeting, though expected to be largely procedural discussing those next steps in the process from MENSA, the Tosa Police and Fire Commission plans to reschedule that meeting next week. Meanwhile, protesters made their way to the home of the Wauwatosa mayor overnight about 12 30 this morning. After Mayor Dennis McBride made an announcement that all protest must take place between the hours of noon eight and that they would not be allowed on private property. TM J four reports that no arrests or citations were given last night. Chicago Mayor Laurie Lifeline announcing new measures to protect citizens of Chicago last Sunday night on the Chicago's Magnificent Mile shopping area downtown, hundreds of people smashed windows. Stole money and merchandise from stores like that, explains one part of the new plan. A Chicago police department has created the Social Media task force a specialized 20 person. Unit within the Crime Prevention and Information Center focused.

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