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We roll around Remm cycle, and they give you a sleep score. Basically, they have Gema fide sleep. But new research shows people are so anxious about getting a good sleep score that it keeps them up at night. Know goes, you don't get a good sleep score. You won't get into a good sleep school. Parents have to Photoshop your face onto a sleeping person. You don't you know, people people like I don't know why. But to cheat their step counter they'd sometimes attack their dog we, we I learnt that from you, Peter, what would be, what would be the sleep tracker equivalent like attaching it to a corpse. No, it would be the stepsister a dog in the sleep is her cat. Doesn't sleep tracker customize it. Or does it tell you what you're supposed to do? It just gives you the raw data you're asking, I think, what it does because my phone does this without me. Asking it, it says, you haven't been getting enough sleep, sort, of lectures, you. Get more sleep your phone. Does this. Yeah. Do you turn your phone off when you sleep? Well, I've got lead this thing tells me time for bed, and then you go to bed. Yeah. So.

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