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Yes yes you want to be there to unbelievable hey david and paul thank you so much for coming on and kind of describing sos less and really spending so much time so we can do this in two episodes because there's so much to this story and honestly this was the first time that i've actually gone into this much detail for the rockets so i really appreciate you getting on and for the listeners please listen to parts one and two and get the whole story of what this rocket is all about guys thanks we have cut cast welcome to the official podcast of the nasa johnson space center episode to can you hear me now i'm gary this podcast bringing in the nasa scientists nears pretty much defense that stuff car neighboring here take risks so today we're talking to space with bill foster these things for sticking around listening to the whole story of the space launch system this was episodes i haven't listened to part wind mission back you can listen to many components about one and then just some general ideas about what s ls was otherwise you can go to some social media channels and website we'll start with the website www dot nasa dot gov slash esa less that's where you can get the latest and greatest otherwise you can follow some social media accounts on twitter it's at nasa underscore l s l s on facebook it's nasa sos or you can actually go on the web and searched sms today.

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