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Whether there today. So let's get into a little debate here. It's funny going to the season two things that people said, you know, we're going to be these big issues and turned off to be non-issues the penalty-kill and power-play Charlie leaves penalty kills going to suck kruga leaves the power place going to suck and neither have been the case penalty-kill. I think that 92% Yes some 24 or 26, I believe twenty-four twenty-six and have two shorthanded goals Hillary Hillary all even they've scored two shorthanded goals and he's given up two power-play goals. So yes, so they're they're perfect. Pretty much this point and the power play has been great as well the power play is and and what's great and what you know, what's great for them is they the power play looks good. Like Jack looks good. They spend so much time in the office Zone. You look at the Penguins last night trying to break it out of Their Own Zone was was was a struggle but Conor Ryan, let me ask you age. What's a bigger surprise? The penalty-kill being as good as it is or the power play being as good as it is. I think I'm going to go with a PK just because I think people were freaking out about a power play Losing guy like Krug and losing a guy at least for the short-term and David pastrnak, but you still had a couple of big guns up front there. They were still going that are still have great chemistry together. They you have for Iran at the bumper. You have Marsh and operate on the wall at the elbow. I mean, it's kind of like the same situation was last year. We're Grizzly except in for crew who are dead. So he had to reinvent the wheel and do something crazy. It's like, all right, you hold on to the puck make sure you know, keep keep it in and feed it down low and you're probably going to get a good scoring chance and right now it seem like they're kind of doing it again a beeping simple. It's you still have those great passing sequences. You saw a brochure on the bumper. Obviously Richey's been a great surprise. But again, it's not like he's this River I wouldn't come like a revelation. He's been great in his birth. All but he's again as he said he's been he's been tapping in goals. He's he's doing what's expected of a guy in a net-front role as a big bar kind of like it. It's kind of like for those who play NHL it's kind of like in NHL 21 when you're a club with your friends and you're the worst one and all it is is just like your friends just say just go to the front of the net and you just Spam the shoot button down past. That's all you have to do. That's pretty much Nick Ritchie right now. So, I mean the the pieces are are rolling right now in terms of that top power-play not again, it's going to get even better. Once you have Pasta Max back there because even again the power plays looked good. They've had quite a few kind of quick-strike goals, but when you've got a good PK that structured having pastrnak with that, you know that one time we're going to left Circle. It's like a it's like a cheat code, right? Even the best. PK is sometimes can only do so much when he's got that shot lined up. So I mean they are rolling right now. But yeah, I think you look at the p k and again some it's a little bit skewer there twenty-four twenty-six granted. They've had two goals. They've given up like maybe Thursday..

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