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Foot on the gas get revved up and get to the new Moto member showroom in Percival Virginia has the largest power sports dealership in the area with a huge selection. Kanan Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki and CDU. There's something for everyone. Come to Moto member April fifth through the seventh for special discount giveaways demonstrations, no purchase necessary. Meet my job than the DC one zero one three team on Saturday, April six one to three PM visit modem ever dot com or call seven zero three five to ninety nine eight eight that's Moto member dot com. The weather again. Sure, be unpredictable. This time of the year be comfortable all year long with prime Cavs ninety nine dollars heating and cooling check. That's right. A crop Metcalf. Five star technician, we'll check both residential heating and cooling system for just ninety nine dollars. One eight hundred or visit Metcalf dot com and remember. Start technician now proudly serving fog here county, Culpeper county and the surrounding area. I'm ready to make my credits Kim, I'm ready to take classes from university. That will help me build a my experience to prepare me for the teacher university. That will make me feel supported encouraged and connected. Quick this ad or go to online dot EDU today. Sexton maven maven new boyfriend. No, just licking my free hair appointment with me. Then wait did you say free? Just text. We're all two three four six four nine to make your appointment with the maven expert. Silence texts world two three four six four nine right now when you buy maven hair stylist put it in free with the free shampoo breakdown. So in Silje. Free carbine here is so expensive. And by the time, you get to put in everything else that has Andrew here..

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