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No, I know. You know, we had another break up over the weekend. I think can't even be bothered with their names. OK, you know, Now here was there, Sonny like me. Here's a little juicy juice from S O. We met, Um Jonathan. The guy who runs the Lee Radziwill account. Yes, he was on your show. I listen to the replay yesterday. Yeah, Okay. So some of the, which is a Twitter account that we follow. That's just couldn't snarky about gravel stuff. A lot of braavos stuff a lot of just about life lessons with Lee and just kind of it's kind of Lee Radziwill was Jackie Kennedy's Right, Like Like when Tyler Perry announced that he was single, you know, Lee Radziwill did a very funny thing about all the rich women in Beverly Hills in Atlanta. You know, running screaming with the glam scratch, get in the car and go find another period. Just stuff like that. But So if we were just to go back because they know you're enjoying as many people are the real house prices Salt Lake City just love love. It's reminding us of why we like the Housewives in the first place. I'll be cut, but it's a different setting a different scenery in the religion, The Mormon pieces fantastic on top of it. I love it. But there's you know, petty drama as there always is, you know in anything and remember the last season Of Rahul's face of New York the season It was ended up being the last season that Carol Reds well was yes. And Bethany did come back one more time. But they had like those two were besties. And then they couldn't stand each other. And we never. We got all kinds of being like that. Carol was mean to Tinsley. Your bet There was never A real reason about those who broke up because they were buddies. They were think it's thieves. That's right. It was the break up during the season two. Yes, it showed. So the okay so apparently The real reason why they broke up and this is from, um Ah, ah source where all they do is Bravo step, but it's pretty good details on this. Um, that The real issue was Cassandra Gray and Cassandra Gray. Her husband, husband, Brad Gray was the head of Paramount Pictures. He died in May of 2019. He helped Brad Pitt with Plan B productions. He was a huge He died at like the age of 54 5 or six or something. So his wife could, Sandra. She is really good friends with Carol Rads. Well, okay and Bethany had been wanting a solo. Deal ever since she came back and went back to Bravo to be a housewife. And Bravo wasn't interested in doing a solo show with Bethany. They don't think she can carry it. Okay. Well, we know that because she had a talk show deal with Ellen, and it fell into itself in three months. So anyway, that has so anyway, so that when Brad died in May of 2017 Carol spent Your reds. Well spent most of the summer staying with Cassandra Gray at her place in the Hamptons. Okay. Got it. That's how rich you know. Yeah. Beverly Hills Hamptons. Okay, so Bethany home, Bethany, leave my notion to go to the right. So Bethany kept pushing Carol. I want to come and hang out. Yeah, at your house with Cassandra and Brad's friends and stuff because she Basically was like I wanted to make some connect. Yeah, Never can. Carole knew this. And Carole knew this, and she felt that Cassandra was Grieving, not appropriate timing. Yeah, and so she kept pushing her off. And Bethany was getting really upset because, remember she and Frederick the million dollar listing. They had a show together for one season. There was a disaster, and apparently, Fredrick said he'd never work with her again. So Bethany really just kept pushing Carol she Carol's just like it's not appropriate for me to come and hit upon my friend who's grieving her husband and blah, blah, blah. And so when filming started, Carol didn't realize that Bethany was so upset about it because Carol Rads. Well, was a longtime journalist for ABC. And and when we would see Bethany and her be strong when she did the hurricane relief and then a flood relief. That the people that she was in touch with the charitable organization, the boots on the grounds all the picture on film. Those were Carol's connections through ABC, knowing that these were charities because I always wondered got out at the media also connected. Right. It was Carole Radziwill is connections so back and he knows that Carol is good for working her up, and he gave her Great story line allowed her to raise a lot of money. Absolutely to do good sister also get publicity. So Carol was blindsided when filming started that Bethany Attitude. It changed towards her, and she started slamming her every other. Minute in confessionals and stuff like that, And it was because Carol didn't help set her up with You believe this now? Because you've always been a Bethany Bethany Bethany person I do. I do believe that I do believe that because I believe Bethany got helped by Carol to me. You know the charity, right? And then Bethany just could not. She strikes me as a bull in a China shop and she get percent annoy idea in her head, Which is what makes her success. 100% of let it go. He doesn't let it go, and she doesn't She put self over relationship that ultimately is also wide. Carol quit. After that season. She was just like this is just nuts, right? I don't need any of this right because those two were such great friends and got her dragged down in a lot of things. And Carol is a very successful person with money of did and they made her look like a Schmo. Yeah, they better look cheap and that all she was interested in is wait. Last fillers and the glam squad. Had her brother Adam, her boyfriend and was headed. Um, so anyway, um okay. Interesting. So that was it. So it was all about? Well, Bethany is, uh, that's why she's successful. I mean, this is This is kind of the thing about some of the people in media in this type of media. You've got to be got to be ruthless. If that's what you want, That's what you want, and that's what she wanted. And what's her name? Carole Radziwill was just like not really interested because she had had fame and accolades for years, and Bethany's was newer found. That's right, like nouveau wish. Here you go, Nouveau reality stuff We've been doing Hollywood speaking. But it is time to do more because when we come back, we've got a Hollywood speak a couple of things, And I think you're on fire and you can do it. All right? Nothing but.

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