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Intel hired some kind of new leg senior vp of branding or marketing or like and product naming or whatever that position is where you actually make the decision about what to call the product and they did the unthinkable they managed to make intel's naming scheme were worse it's impressive you know like to give him props yeah they found a way because they had the will they ha intel were two term intel hasn't named for consumer okay like i'm not talking about you know ziana itanian slight poultry itanian sounds pretty cool humblest cultural since codename intel's codenames are so good a lot of the time sometimes they're down skull trail allows so cool boom train omar god i mean even stuff like all pine ridge yeah that's pretty cool be like yeah i want like an intel alpine rich hell yeah that's a thunderbolt controller by the way it ended up i mean even thunderbolt has a cool name but on this to you side okay so bad dole back in the day it was like the to eighty six and the three eighty six and forty six and all that made serrano their numbers what people remember you got your generation and you got your your instructions set okay city separatist rain cult then they got to five and they were like now let's not do five '86 let's go pentium and yell at not bad maybe part of it is that pentium has basically existed since i've had a computer let's not true we had a three '86 that me then upgraded to a forwardlooking understand that change though you're going iran's slightly less ultra hardcore yep you're you're going you're you're and then you and then you go generations of pentium okay and then ciller on i was like bashar okay.

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