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Oh that was so hard to watch i can turn it off though i i don't know is he's out of his ever loving mind katy perry in the meantime she's over on american idol and they did alright still not as good as the voice which is a better show anyway she is been in this battle with a bunch of old nuns and she ended up killing one of them she bought a sprawling eight acre plot of land in california that used to be well it used to belong to a convent of the nuns i wonder why there's not any ugliness in haters out there against the archdiocese of los angeles because they kick the nuns out they booted him out the nuns didn't want to sell their former home to perry and they wanted to sell it some businesswoman and let them stay right and a court ruled that the archdiocese sided with pairing had the right to sell the property not not not the nuns so katie was you know she's buying this thing and sister katherine katherine katherine rose holtzman she testified here is this sweet precious eighty nine year old nun who devoted her life to crisis and katy perry gilder perry to please stop doing anyone any good except pupil and in twenty minutes later boom i'm having chest pain she katy perry killed or i don't know how this woman sleeps i don't know how she could buy this property now the she's going to would you she has no soul after that.

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