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The geico Fox Sports radio studios to get us caught up on everything that happened today in the world to spoil yes what's up Steve hello gentlemen and we'll have a lot of NFL news in a moment I like the fact that you brought up the fact that the pistons did not shake the opponent's hands after they lost to the bulls in the playoffs it is so weak and Isaac can try and explain it away saying Hey we didn't happen in there they just showed clips of it happening in that era in fact from the team that you beat the previous two years so that is there's just so many examples around nineteen ninety of how the pistons were great on the scoreboard and not great if they're actually giving the finger when this is another example of that and the fact that the whole Jordan rules things on the one hand you have course it's great to devise something the basketball nuts and bolts that they pointed out in the document of not letting him drive baseline pushing him out to the elbow great give it a shot but really the the concept became with the pistons just have a series of flagrant files because that player is so much better than we are this is what we hate about sports actually log in it's like the home run hitter where you just throw at him it's because he's better than you deal with it in some actual sports way it's what we do it's what we hate about soccer where everybody gets filed on break aways why because he's better than you it's just I didn't ever could I still can't added to it and I again giving other sports examples of how it just shouldn't be that way if we're on the court how about trying to win like you know be good at your sport Jordan was just better I mentioned last week on the show how I love watching the early bowls Jordan highlights and it really showed people how awesome he was when he had nothing around him then there was just a stand out quote in tonight's I think episode three he said Pippen's injured robin just got kicked out you left me alone out there yeah I believe it was five on five still Michael here it should be the last exactly a lot of F. bombs by the way in tonight's and I know they're running it on ESPN two also and so yeah there's an added on another channel but let's be honest ESPN's ratings until this past week I've just been atrocious in the last month and a half so they could have run this on four different channels they've got space let's just say that so if if we're like when they were wanting to run it in June I'm not sure if there would have been a secondary jail speaking as an editor it's just lazy to leave everything but once again I think we all agree those first two episodes last weekend were great and these next two tonight were great and I don't know what the numbers are going to be but the ratings were super for last weekend so probably more the same tonight and deservedly so we have N. F. L. news is mentioned in New Orleans gave quarterback Taysom hill a two year extension reportedly worth sixteen million dollars wow and you know he lined up at tight end eighty five snaps last season at quarterback forty one snaps reach the starters already re signed saints drafted a quarterback yesterday in the seventh round and quarterback Jameis Winston a free agent is expected to sign a one year contract with the saints after leading the league in interceptions with Tampa Bay last year Miami cut running back Samaje JP Ryan and three others the Seahawks release guard DJ Fluker Seattle according to the athletic is due to cut center Justin Britt Tulane basketball's leading scorer to Sean high tower was arrested and charged with murder high tower average sixteen points a game it had declared for the NBA draft about a week ago today's virtual NASCAR race went to Alex Bowman at Santa Anita another death on the horse racing track in LA this weekend that makes it since they opened the track for the new season just after Christmas that's five dead on the main track another four horses dead on the turf course another three on the training crap they haven't raced for a month but they still had the horses allowed to train and people still live at the track but it just continues to pile up finally a good story Ryan Newman talking to fox today saying he'll be ready to race when NASCAR returns to competition amazingly he only spent a couple days in the hospital after that Daytona head injury if you don't recall he was racing for the lead final lap of the season opening Daytona five hundred spectacular crash he's airborne car hit by another car rolled several times came to a stop on the roof took several minutes to get him out of the car and transferred to a hospital he says he'll be good to go whatever NASCAR returns which could be a month or so NASCAR did say in a statement Ryan Newman has not yet been cleared to return but quote we share his enthusiasm.

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