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Not even in the ballpark in the vicinity in the same galaxy as the kind of productivity those defenses had in games during the regular season or even another playoff games leading up to that for all the talk about how McNab messed up in big games anything I'm not saying there weren't mess ups they never gave a much shorter one of the two turtle let me let me one of the turnovers Tom Brady dropped a snap in the Super Bowl there's a fumbled exchange on a snap in the Super Bowl the eagles fall on it that's one of the turnovers I'm not counting another turnover that to Sean Jackson created after an interception McNab and throw the Sean Jackson ripped the ball away from a a cardinals defensive back ripped the ball out the eagles fell on it recover that so other than Tom Brady's fumble snap and other than to Sean Jackson ripping the ball out for me Arizona Cardinals defensive back there was only one turnover generated that survived because the fence in five games and only five sacks that's incredible and this is a straight up for I'm giving your real facts the rams game once said no turnovers the box game no sacks one turnover the Carolina Panthers game no sacks no turnovers the Superbowl two sacks one turnover it was Brady fumbled a snap and the Arizona championship game two sacks and the only turnover was created by Sean Jackson John James when you hear those because all you guys know McNab McNab Maddie bloated loaded loaded loaded loaded right when you hear that about the worst defense John and James what is your reaction that's even even more unfortunate that Donovan takes the brunt valve Bryant doubling is to say the least Andy Reid I mean I've been to I've been telling you that I love those guys on defense you know it I mean talking to all of them love but I mean well it's an argument against that style of defense you know that there are a lot of really established coach coaches Jim Schwartz is one of them who doesn't want to devote extra players to send an after quarterbacks because great quarterback unsound the grandkids the great well yes and that's and that's how Montana be body in ninety three when is Casey teams get blitzed the Bledisloe Houston body team leads and let's them blessed and and Montana's like alright we'll go over the top of the post season I'm I'm just telling you take a look at it post season what wins defensively is when you can get your your you know front for getting after quarterbacks that wins that one that won two super bowls for Eli manning or dead E. lie manning sure they're going to the hall of fame because his defense was able to generate sacks by sending for de Lima's a great point that is sad Donovan not gonna get that advantage no short field to get no sure feels right there was one change there was one real turnover in five games all right I get it but you can't just excuse it I mean they're patriots scored more points in the Superbowl the D. goes one then any of those teams scored against the eagles in any of those games deep down to what the what are you all ready point is Arizona was the only one the eagles defense fourteen Perry sent the Panthers no I'm saying yeah but my point is is that the government has to rise above it times like I'll catch again like those are winnable game they were winnable games they were winnable games I don't remember all the scores right Arizona I think your son was thirty two but other than that I think it's thirty two to twenty five I don't want to say on the top my fourteen to three was the Panthers GM twenty seven to ten was the box game twenty seven twenty four for the Superbowl twenty four twenty one for service for twenty one yep and body seven ten for the box again so those twenty nine twenty wasn't the real defense wasn't great but they're winnable games yeah but you get my point she had they had given him some sure but he'll probably would've won that can help those games but then I mean let's put it this way if you if you ask you go pull a hundred people on the street why the eagles lose the big ones the five big games why they lose it like ninety eight percent of people are going to tell you some combination of McNab well read ninety eight percent right but I mean we do got to recognize the defense did not generate and this was a defense those defenses that would generate great success with turnovers and sacks otherwise not in those games mmhm go to the phones two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four let's talk to Jeremy what's up Jeremy what's going on guys hi Jeremy yeah you're out of your dag on mine man like you can say damn you can see yeah well okay I was composed you say don't cry and also a dang dang dang mon okay talk to me why like Donovan Donovan was good but he was not great but he could not pick up the team and carry them like Nick Foles was a better eagles quarterback than Donovan twenty seven two that's all I have to say like twenty seven touchdowns two interceptions awesome season let took over a team and won the Superbowl yeah something that Donovan could never do like would never even be able to do he was eighty one the old one the bright lights were on he shrunk it's just what Jeremy and I love falls you know that it doesn't mean Foles is better than me like T. Martin was not a better quarterback at Tennessee than Peyton manning now they won the Superbowl the year after Peyton manning was out D. Mart was the starting pitcher the I. national champ yeah I agree like Sierra T. Martin is not better than paying him pairs right well I know it's different in the sense that you're under rating what Nick Foles in those games like and Nick Foles letter that you're operating what Nick what Nick Foles took advantage of that twenty seven in two cities well there I think you're forgetting that no one in the NFL knew what was coming out of because it was a completely new concept the defense had no answer for yes for two incredible games like ungodly incredible I've never seen anything like it in the end of September or maps could never do it could never have those two games ever that's what's so crazy Donovan McNab had a hundred and eighty three games of excellence it's peppered with some mistakes here and there but that's natural that's what you get with the automated any of those seasons in games the divorce was he thrown worm burners trip and wide receivers running down the field I'm so everyone's wells on that and I agree I had to try to catch those eggs I kind of made me laugh I'm thinking of a receiver tripping on a word more burner I Jeremy get backs misfire and Donovan did misfire he misfired probably more than a lot of the top tier rational on guys but he also made plays that none of those guys could make all right there we had a meeting around it out yeah well that's that's another one where he had it was it was different it was a very different players the EC one see the ankle entrance and chose to stop running that drove me nuts because that's what it was I mean what was it like six five two hundred and fifteen pound monster to being I I think a lot Janick healthy he lost puppy lost record loss of what he he lost flexibility any loss he definitely lost flexibility when he booked up as much as that give me what's greener her what's green Jeremy Mary Jane already been second some else ma'am Wehrey said sprouting jolly green giant so how about okay about Holly Holly bushes okay fair enough I mean there's still a lot of big answers out there but yes it is well well to put off I mean like I talk about the gangrene defense the ninety one had it been said at the eagles haven't said big gangrene the defense had not angering the thing or gangs either one that would I have not been set coming up one o'clock today we'll have some fun as we debuted last week every Monday at one during the coronavirus crisis we have some last Monday one with some classic show audio what are we gonna choose this week I don't know we got some good stuff to choose between good is this called classic show on your body I think we need a better topic I don't know what we can do that we can figure that out I'm not opposed to that think about it Jerry Kammer generous you that's at one o'clock at the unnamed has a one o'clock phone calls throughout on ninety four W. at this is David with your radio dot com sports minute some final take aways from the last dance finale on Sunday number one we waited until the final episode nine hours in it to finally get a quote from Michael Jordan's three kids and it was about the Utah Jazz crowd it feels like a mess a big one enforced like when Belichick had stuck floated to a drop kick you know just because and cold thirteen years in the league is best chance to win a range just ripped away twice by Michael he finds a way all the teams rushed to congratulate Jordan face to face now compare that with earlier in the series when Isaiah Thomas claims he didn't even have to finish game four because that's just the way it used to be done yeah sure was Isaiah this is David obey the law.

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