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The best we will read on the air the number one answer blizzard's for a year all thanks to dairy queen all right nothing wrong with that right no thank you for today's pointless bowl question it has to do with the news that was announced yesterday from the hallmark channel i know you'll be excited about this even though it is march all mark has announced that they will debut thirty four new christmas movies this year it's great i mean they are in the christmas movie business over there so yeah usually hallmark channel says watch one of our new movies that comes out of this year and then they rerun all the old ones thirty four new christmas movies this year from the hallmark channel will be coming out titles like unwrapped my heart cranberries eats to children i don't know about that maybe they may now probably not be good would be good though well actually we're kind of doing something sort of like what we wanna to know is is instead because hallmark channel is really the only channel around christmas time that creates its own movies you know everyone else just shows l for whatever the popular movie is so what they make their own and they always have those funny titles so if for some reason this year if cinemax decided you know what we're going to get in on the christmas will be trend we're gonna make our own cinemax late night christmas movie what would a title of that movie be okay so give me an example title of the cinemax after dark christmas movie and what it would be called here's a good one go ahead slipped into my saber isn't that a word sable or stockings mine was here comes santa claus get it well all right so anyways textures two seven five seven one four we come back here ten.

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