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Bucks this month of April as we now begin our rush to get outside and get some fresh air I will waiting for the corona virus task force daily briefing when that happens we'll bring it to you John is a New York John how are you glad you called Sir and we got to get the city up running an open again yes we actually do Sean and thank you for trying to help save American lives are we couldn't do without yet and it I am compelled to call because of you and and and you're a mission of trying to help everybody who thank you they're very nice I appreciate it listen we gotta look I I'm I'm a little shocked we're gonna analyze the more detail tonight how these numbers could have been so off how did they get it so wrong but but that's a separate issue that means less death that means less you know overcrowding in our hospitals that means we had enough equipment all of these things are all good but how did they get it so awfully wrong sort of like Polly but anyway go ahead yeah well Sean you don't I I have rheumatoid arthritis and I've been taking hydroxy Corcoran for five plus years okay a long time minutes every day four hundred milligrams right there is I I have had no adverse effects what so ever and every time I hear people say that it's dangerous and don't take it this that makes me because it it doesn't do anything it's safe and it worked well his looks and there's no more expert then this guide Dr Daniel Wallace's wood cedar Sinai Medical Center I mean largest lupus practice in the U. S. two thousand patients this guy in forty two years of practice quote no patient of mine has ever been hospitalized for H. C. Q. complications he said it is a very safe drug you know everyone says it's untested it's tested because you know it's been around sixty five years tens of millions of individuals around the world all these other countries are giving it as part of their treatment it is the number one treatment option in a survey of sixty.

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