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WBZ news time to eleven thousands of soccer coaches from around the world are in Chicago for their annual conference, sixty five hundred soccer coaches from around the world or at McCormick place this weekend for the United soccer coaches convention. This is the first United soccer coaches convention in Chicago since one thousand nine hundred eighty three and the first at McCormick place. Mayor Emanuel was on hand to welcome the attendees, and he invited them to check out the neighborhood. You have the largest polish me outside of Warsaw is right here in the city of Chicago. If Chicago's Mexican American community was a city in Mexico. It is sixth largest city in Mexico as all your fans that exists exist in all different parts of the city, Chicago. And then the mayor kick the soccer ball around that a demonstration pitch and even took a shot on goal at McCormick place. Rob heart. News Radio one zero five point nine FM. Governor elect Jay Pritzker says he will double the salaries of his top aides using his own money Pritzker announced the anew. Usual arrangement in advance of his inauguration. Next monday. The extra money will come from an organization that Pritzker set up specifically for this purpose. He'd already pumped more than one hundred seventy million dollars of his own wealth into his campaign to defeat governor. Rauner and Aurora man's been sentenced to seven years behind bars for a drunk driving crash in Naperville it killed his best friend. The Tribune reports thirty six year old Michael VERA pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI in the two thousand sixteen crash that left his passenger Thirty-seven-year-old David Dokan of Aurora dead. The accident happened early in the morning of November twenty third 2016 on Naper boulevard, south of Ogden avenue. Police in northwest Indiana's say a trail of lies. You're a flew out of shoplifters car window during a high-speed chase police say they found four bras and fourteen pairs of underwear alongside the road and inside Holly. San sounds car following the chase Wednesday night the northwest. Indiana times reports the thirty four year old nearly crashed a number of times and she reached speeds of nearly one hundred. Miles an hour. The paper says she resisted officers who had approached her in a Kohl's parking lot before the chase and told them at the end. She didn't have anything on her paper says in jail sandstone was found wearing two pairs of underwear with the tags still on ANSI hardy NewsRadio on what? Oh, five point nine FM. We'll get a look at your AccuWeather five day forecast. Find out about the snow headed our way and the latest in sports next WBZ news time, two thirteen listening..

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